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Fifty Five. One For All, All For One.


We are all one; one type of thing; one kind of energy; one unified group … this is truth.  We are the same, we have the same creator (whether you believe that’s God, or the universe, or whatever … we all come from the same “place.”), we are made of the same stuff, we share “divine” makeup … My nature is equal to your nature.  There isn’t a separate and different reality for one group of people or another … we all share the same truth, the same reality, the same life.

615e01a559c30c83353e57a4e74a0c16It’s sometimes hard to believe that God and the Universe are FOR man and that healing is possible in the world …   It seems hard to believe that in a world where there is war, and poverty, abuse and homelessness, inequality and prejudice, terror and fear that any higher power is there and is working FOR our benefit and that we could rise up out of the harsh existence we all see and know.

It is hard to see, I agree.  But look at the other side … there is peace and abundance, love and joy, kindness, giving, serving, helping … these things are everywhere and they expand as we focus on them and share them.

What happens to one of us happens to all of us.  I believe this.  I believe that when one of us hurts, we all hurt.  When one of us is treated unfairly, we are all affected by that.  When one of us is abused, we are all abused.  You can’t separate one from the whole … we’re all connected and because we are, your pain is my pain, your hurt is my hurt, your fear is my fear and I see you and MUST do something because I am the same as you.

Flip that around now, and see it in the other perspective.

What happens to one of us happens to all of us.  I believe that when one of us feels joy, we 8174013_origare all connected to that joy, there is a spark of joy energy that goes out into the oneness that we are all a part of.  When one of us is loved, we are all loved and we partake of that expansion of love.  When one of us rejoices, we all rejoice.  When one of us is acknowledged, we are all acknowledged.

It doesn’t take away anything from anyone to acknowledge another’s experience.  It actually strengthens the human connection.  You don’t experience a lack of love when you love someone else … love EXPANDS!  So unlike resources for example … if I have 5 oranges and I give you 4?  I DO have less oranges … love is not like that.  Love grows.  If I give love, the person I love receives, AND I receive … it forms a connection that amplifies that love energy and it expands.

To say that acknowledging another is taking away from me, is not true.  I don’t receive ANY lack from seeing another human be acknowledged, loved, and set free.  I get connection from that.  I see unity in that.  I see that when others are acknowledged that opens the door for ALL to be acknowledged including myself.  I see that giving love to others just GROWS love, it doesn’t take it away from me.  I see that when there is freedom given to another group, it paves the way for freedom for all.

we-can-do-great-thingsYour joy is my joy.  Your freedom is my freedom.  Your experience teaches me something that I don’t have and can’t see and so it strengthens and broadens and enlarges my experience.  It never takes away from me or my experience to love another.  It never takes away anything from the freedom and abundance that is available to me to offer another freedom and love.  To see it any other way is to see in a limited, small place of lack … and that is not truth.  There is NOT lack when you understand that love and connection expands itself … that is its nature.  There is only an ever increasing source of continual limitless beautiful love for all people, all things, all experiences.

Amazing things happen when you begin to see the world through different eyes … you start to put yourself in other’s shoes and you see them, REALLY see them.  And you acknowledge their spot.  And you feel what they feel.   And it’s impossible to tolerate the injustices they feel because you finally see that how they are treated is how you are treated.  And you understand that what happens to one happens to all.  And you see that causing any harm, any pain, any hurt, anything that isn’t love for another is unacceptable.  Is intolerable.  Is anti love.

The only possible thing to do then, when you finally open your eyes to the inseparable untitledunity that exists in all things … is to love.  Just love.  Everyone, everything, without judgment.  There is not room for judging because you don’t want to be judged, so how could you judge another?  There is not room for harming because you don’t want to be harmed, so how could you possibly harm another?  There is not room for unkindness because you finally feel what all others feel, you’ve put yourself in their spot and you see them, and you know them, and it is intolerable to imagine any unkindness done to them and so the only thing you can do is love them.

Your pain is my pain, your hurt is my hurt, but your joy is also my joy.  I can spread joy, I can share love, I can offer kindness and acknowledgement … I can stand up for the broken and the abused and the injustice in the world.  These are the ways I can help expand healing.  These are things I can do, on a personal level, that acknowledges all experiences as valuable and all people as loved and worthy of being so.

I don’t have to tell another that what they have experienced and what they are feeling isn’t justified … that’s ridiculous!  I haven’t walked in their shoes.  I have no clue what they’ve been through … and certainly trying to tell another their feelings aren’t acceptable is a very small, limited perspective to have.  What I CAN do is love people.  What I CAN do is see that another person, another group, another culture, another way of being is just different … not bad … not wrong … just different.  I can learn from different.  I can love different.  I can embrace different and see that it is part of the human experience we all share and it IS of worth.

unity-quote-1My only “job” is to love others.  I don’t have to do anything else.  I get the good part and it is wonderful to feel connected to all people and to want to share in their joy and to want to help during their pain.  It is as it should be … unity with all.

We are all one, after-all.  One energy, one unit, one kind of thing … we’re the same.  We’re not different at all, underneath all the culture, society, race, religion, fashion, personality, education, etc …. we are exactly the same.  And because we are we have a duty to each other to lift each other up, to help the helpless, to relieve burdens, to lighten loads, and to try to see and understand and acknowledge all people as valuable, as acceptable, as loveable and as our family.

I wouldn’t treat my children with anything less than the greatest love I can offer.  I choose to offer that same love to all people.  I choose to try to understand all perspectives and if I don’t understand, I choose to see that as an opportunity to learn something, to grow, to love just because love is the way to healing, and I desire healing for all.  Your joy is my joy … that is my truth, and it is your truth as well if you will see it.  Let’s embrace THAT truth and lift each other up and just be one.

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