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190 | My Self

Self love.

When I think about this concept I have such a different response than I used to have.

Here’s how I view it now:

I am this.
I love being this.
I love how I move through the world.
I love how I express myself.
I love my hair, my eyes, my smile, my nose, my waist, my feet.
I love my deep sense of knowing and longing to know.
I love that I am unique and different.
I love that I am constantly expanding.
I love that I know how much I don’t actually know, and I know that’s perfect.
I love how I connect with others and I love connecting with others.
I love trees and nature.
I love feeling the light that vibrates within me and understanding that it IS me.
I love how I get to be a mom and a wife and a daughter and a friend and a writer and a singer and a lover all simultaneously.
I love rain showers and wind storms.
I love talking about deep wide far off things.
I love fruits and vegetables.
I love singing and silly dancing.
I love people.
I love moving and flowing with the waves of life.
I love that I get to choose how I show up in this world.
I love that I get to be this, without worry, without fear, without expectation, without judgement … I get to shine if I want to.
I love that I WANT to shine.


This is self love to me. This discovering who I am and BEING that … Self love.

I get to be this. And it doesn’t matter what anyone else chooses to be, do, say, think. In fact, everyone else is irrelevant to how I choose to be in this world.

It’s a “me” game.

I get to be silly and sweet and kind and thoughtful and funny and sexy and daring and bold and brilliant. I can use ANY word, any energy and embody it fully when I choose to.

I love that.

I love that I understand what empowering myself looks like, feels like, and how it allows me to come to this “human game” more ready and alive and able to PLAY.

This is how I get to show up today.
Thank you for witnessing me.

~Honor, this moment.

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