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103 | Follow the Breadcrumbs

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School is out in 3 days. We are very ready for a little break here. In fact, we are SO ready that I’m not really caring about bedtime anymore and I didn’t wake the kids up today until they only had 15 minutes to get ready for school. lol … let the vacation begin!

Do you know what I love about summer break? It feels like freedom. There is no schedule. There is no “have to be” anywhere or anything … there’s just freedom to have each day be whatever we want it to be. I love that feeling.

Change is a necessary part of life. Things come, go, transform, alter, shift and we partake of that change and have new perspectives continually. Even if you look only at the changes in the weather, or the seasons, or our bodies … things are continually shifting.


Life then, is a continually shifting experience. There isn’t a “one perfect way and only one way” perspective … we are always in a position to grow and so that necessarily means that we’ll have new things come into our experience that help us do just that. Our perspective SHOULD shift and change. Our view should take on new horizons. Our minds should be challenged and the things that no longer serve us should be let go of to make room for higher truths and more clear ways of thinking and being.

It’s called evolving.

Evolve = to change or develop slowly often into a better, more complex, or more advanced state : to develop gradually

When I was growing up we went to church every week and at church we called it “eternal progression.” I learned that part of our “mortal” earth experience was to grow and that meant that we would continually learn – line upon line, drop by drop, bit by bit.

I have since learned that that is truth. Life is about learning and growing and progression – EXPANSION! And that happens little by little as we experience the world around us. Knowledge comes through experience, and experience comes moment by moment in life.

I have also learned that it helps to be very focused on forward movement. I look at what is in front of me and what is to come, not what I’ve let go of, left behind, or the “past.” I don’t see a great deal of growth coming from focusing on the past … yes, we can learn from our mistakes, our experiences, etc., but as we learn the lesson then letting go of that “past” paradigm serves to propel us into the new way of thinking, the new paradigm. I am not served well by holding onto things that have taught me their intended lesson. In letting go I am free to move forward into change.


I believe that there are certain things each soul needs to move forward. What I need is tailored for exactly me. What you need might look a little different or a LOT different than what I need, but it’s exactly tailored to your unique strengths, weaknesses, and experiences. The experiences that serve to move you into your divine potential are unique, yes, but they’re exactly right for YOU.

I have likened them to “breadcrumbs.” As I follow the breadcrumbs in my unique journey, I am going the way my soul is “meant” to go. And it’s not as if the breadcrumbs are laid  before me in a way that is trying to get me to learn stuff I don’t want to learn … my soul’s ENERGY is laying the breadcrumbs and is guiding my way to my divine potential.

The path for me is exactly right. It will be resonant to my energy. It will FEEL like the “right” way.

The joy in forward movement for me is unique to me, as I am a unique soul with unique talents, weaknesses, strengths, needs, loves, dislikes, etc.. As I understand this truth, I am free to choose what is right for my unique experience and I can let go of the paradigm of judgment … I don’t have to live there. I can just face forward into the paradigm of love and understand that in that place … peace, love, unity, joy, and freedom is the way. In that place I don’t have to compare because there is no comparison with things that are wholly unique … yes, we are all one, but each soul, within the oneness is a unique being.


I have 7 children. Anyone who has worked with children knows that each one is an individual with an individual set personality. I could no more make one of my kids be exactly like the other than I could make myself have 6 fingers. I have 5 fingers. That is just truth. Each child in my family is a unique kid with a personality that is so wholly individual and interesting … each one of these kids has a complete set of ideas and loves and dislikes and ways of being that isn’t like another person I’ve ever met.

The way I teach each child in my care is different. One of my kids needs a lot of hugs and physical touch. One of them really learns through talking stuff out. One of them is happy and smiling all the time … another is pessimistic and negative a lot – they EACH need a different set of experiences that will round our their energy, their being. I could not expect that all of them would learn and grow in the same way … I could not expect them to each have the exact same life or experience or passion. They are unique.


EVERY soul on this earth is a unique being with a unique set of experiences that will need a unique path of “breadcrumbs” to their divine potential. And each soul will have a unique divine potential. What I love you may not love … what you love I may not. It doesn’t matter if we are exactly the same … we shouldn’t be. What matters is if we are each listening to the voice, the energy, the guide within us. That is the only way to truly know we’re on the right track.

You cannot gauge your pathway based upon another’s. You cannot compare yourself to your neighbor and think that is the way to know whether or not you’re “rightly” living … the rightness of living comes in following the energy of your soul and the light within YOU. If it is joy, peace, and love to you? It is the way to your divine potential.

That is it. That is the simple test … the fruit of YOUR journey bringing you expansion.

The whole world can think I’m nuts … who cares?! I don’t. I know peace and so nothing outside of me can take that away.

Hold to your peace, cling to love, embrace unity and if it brings you joy? Do it. Do not allow your past or the world around you to dictate to you what your joy should look like. You follow the unique pathway of your soul to your unique divine potential. You allow others to do the same understanding that in the new paradigm, the love, joy, unity place that we all hope for? peace is the way and to get there you must embrace that peace and offer it to the world.


Change is good … it means you’re growing, it means you’re opening yourself up to a different way of living that could be better. You must challenge what you think you know to grow. See that life is meant to be about growing, and that to grow you must experience new things, and that new things bring change, and that change then is a good necessary step toward your true potential.

It will happen little by little, step by step, bit by bit, drop by drop … you will “evolve” into a better more clear way of living and that is always a good thing. Clarity comes in a new thought, a higher perspective, a “better” way … and it brings a lightness and a freedom to your soul that will feel like peace.

Embracing peace is looking forward into the paradigm we all hope for. Peace is the way there and it is a bright spot on ALL of our pathways. Follow the breadcrumbs toward the light that YOU see and you will know peace … the light within you is guiding you perfectly. You only need to look for it and move forward in faith that you will change and shift and grow into your clearest purest self. And in doing that you will know freedom, love, unity, joy, and peace WILL be with you.

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  1. Thanks for the reminders. I really needed this today, especially this: “There is a feeling of inner peace that comes from total relinquishment of judgment. We don’t feel the need to change others, and we don’t feel the need to be different than we are. We can see, for whatever reason, the total beauty of another person, and we feel that they can see the beauty in us as well.”

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