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Hi. I’m Honor.
I am a writer. (I LOVE expressing myself) I am a wife. I am a mother to seven (7!) growing learning people. I enjoy music, reading, hiking, trees, any nature really, laughing, fruit, playing, and just BEing.
My goal in life is to be light, to expand my joy, and to fully discover and OWN who I am. I am SO on board with loving myself fully. I know when I do that, I open that energetic space in the world … the “I love myself exactly as I am” space. When there’s more of THAT energy, we can all freely and deeply be who and what is in us to be. Without worry. Without fear. Just owning the unique expression that is ME.
I invite you to read my words with that in mind … it is me owning me, which allows you to own YOU more fully.
Thank you for BEing!

189 | Mother

So I'm actually seeing now that motherhood has been and is an incredible gift in so many ways. The perfect gift, sometimes wrapped in really ugly paper, but lovely and amazing on the inside when you turn it around and look at it from a new angle.
189 | Mother

188 | I Am the Sun

THAT is was I experienced. As I breathed and allowed my body to be swallowed up in this radiant light, I understood that it wasn't overtaking me, it WAS (and IS) me. ** I am this energy. I am this vibrating white heat. I am the light of a thousand suns. This power, this light, this brilliance, this potent dynamic energy not only lies within me, IT IS ME!
188 | I Am the Sun