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181 | Love Day and the Magic

Valentine’s Day.

Maybe sort of a “made up” holiday. But I don’t care! I believe celebrating love is ALWAYS a thing to be appreciated.

So, today I am choosing to see love, to spread love, to show love, to shine light on love, and to look for ways to be love more in my life.

Doesn’t it feel lovely to open our hearts to more love?! Yes, I think so too.

It’s magical.

Happy Valentine’s Day to YOU. May love surround you. May you open your heart to what the universe has to offer you. And may you realize that YOU can be the catalyst for great love to enter this world.

Love is not merely “romantic” … And it is not kept for only relationships with others. Love is a dynamic field of potential where ANYTHING is possible.

I can go there by myself, I can go there with my children, I can go there with an intimate partner, I can even go there with a stranger I just met on the street … It is not limited in any way.

So, look around! What do you see? Where can you infuse love’s “perception” today?

Sometimes it only takes a shift in HOW we see before we realize the magnitude and power our vision and frame of reference actually holds over what we experience. And layering a view of love over our “usual” interpretation not only opens up a new world to us, but it has the capacity to heal and mend and uplift in so many beautiful ways.

I am holding this thought for all of us today: “let love lead the way.”

Let’s see what magic can come from choosing love!

~Honor, this moment.

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