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182 | The Muck, The Magic, The Love

Sometimes I get bogged down with looking at everything that is “going wrong” in the world. Those events and circumstances seem to be so loud and so easy to find.

And in my own life, it’s sometimes so easy to see the problems and challenges and frustrations.

I mean #momlife is real. There is maybe 75% of the time frustration, challenges to be met and constant sorting through daily grind stuff.

The loveliness is less frequent. It peeks at you through sometimes cloudy windows. I notice that if I’m not paying attention it’s possible I’ll miss it completely.

But it IS here. And the lovely things, when they come and when I pay attention, uplift me. They’re like replenishing moments of magic.

Even when I’m knee deep in muck and grind, I can catch a glimpse of something truly magnificent, and that glimpse pulls me up slightly so the muck and the grind that feels so depleting has less of a hold on me than it did.

The lovely moment of magic? It strengthens me. It nourishes my soul. It reminds me who I am and why I’m here and how powerful LOVE is.

Because I gotta say … Life sometimes feels like an enormous energy sucking mountain climb. And I LOVE hiking … But there is something about feeling like you’re being dragged up a steep incline that isn’t so great.

What I forget though, is that I can let go of the rope dragging me and I can walk on my own two feet. And when I let go and BREATHE … THAT’S when the “lovely” moments come. They’re actually always around us, we just fail to notice them. So, because they’re not always apparent, it’s important to LOOK.

Sometimes you only get a peek or a glimpse … But that glimpse has enough power in it to help you stand a little straighter, breathe a little easier, and remember that there is love in this world.

And love is a super power after all.

So today I’m going to let go and witness this lovely world … Whatever comes. And in witnessing any moment of “magic” I’m going to BREATHE it in. And truly hold appreciation for all that is lovely.

Will you join me?

~Honor, this moment.

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