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90 | My Own Brand of Honor

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This morning I woke up 4 minutes after my alarm went off at 4:44 and got a drink of water, and then walked out to the living room. I sleepily meditated (my mind wouldn’t really turn off or be still … it didn’t feel super productive), I listened to my “uplifting” book (I decided to lean back against the pillows on the couch to be more comfortable … I may have fallen asleep for 5 minutes during the book), I read my positive affirmations and quietly said them to myself (quietly so I wouldn’t wake up the other 8 people in the house who were still sleeping), and I did my “positive visualizing” so I would have my “potential” as my focus today.

I have to say, that even though I was sleepy today, I did get something out of my morning “good energy” routine.oprah-winfrey-quote

I had a dream about Oprah last night. I dreamt that I went to her house (I don’t know anything about Oprah really, especially not what her house looks like, but in the dream her house was small and almost like an apartment. I suspect that her real life house is not like that. But you know how dreams are … random and weird.) So I went to her house because she needed my help with something. I have NO idea how we were connected, I only know that she was there, I was there, and it felt normal-ish.

She wanted me to build her a shelf or a case or something or some way for her to display or properly store or “manage” her awards … they looked sort of like short squatty vases or urns or maybe they looked like hats or crowns? And they weren’t “awards” per se … they felt like – or their “energy” was that of – Oprah’s being. Almost like her energy or “glory” if that makes sense.. (They were a physical symbol of her energy.) She had many of them and wanted me to help her figure out just how to “manage” them.

There were quite a few people doing random things in and around her house. It felt very busy and a little chaotic. But Oprah, the woman that she is, gave me undivided attention and was very certain I had what she needed. I was a little worried that I wouldn’t be able to fulfill the need she had and live up to what she felt I could do, but she was sure I was perfect for what she needed and KNEW I would do it and it would amazing.

Dreams are weird, right?

“But what does it MEAN?!” is what I ALWAYS think after having a dream I remember so vividly. (a little Nightmare Before Christmas reference for you)quotes-find-path-oprah-winfrey-600x411

It is NO secret that I believe Oprah Winfrey to be an inspiring shining example of owning who you are and flourishing because of it. So if I take that into consideration, and then add in my life long “people pleaser” role, and then add in my desire to grow and to progress, and then add in a little of the fact that I (especially in the past) have very much cared what people think of me … with ALL of those combined I get a very sticky gooey pot of “DREAM MEANING.”

Honor’s Dream Meaning = “It’s time to let it all go and just be yourself. In doing THAT you will grow and progress into your DIVINE ROLE … the potential that is your reason for being on earth. Believe in yourself and LOVE who you are. You were created as this thing so OWN it.”be-yourself-2

You know how everyday there are little things here and little things there that prick your understanding or spark the soul fire within you? And most of the time you maybe notice them but that’s it. You continue on your way and go about what you’re doing. And then at some point there is a big “event” or “AHA” moment that combines ALL of the little pricks and sparks to bring this understanding and EXPANSION.

It is that feeling of FINALLY having things “click” into place (at least in one area) and you’re sitting there going “Oh my goodness THAT is why that came into my experience. THAT is why that sparked a flame within me. It ALL makes sense now … I GET it! Wow … that makes WAY more sense than what I’ve been doing. Huh … how did I not get this before?”

It is the dawning of a NEW day in that moment. It is like the veil that was over your eyes is lifted and all of a sudden the struggle is gone and the things you’ve been wondering over just click and you get it and it makes sense and it doesn’t seem weird or hard it just seems like what you should have known the whole time and you can’t understand how you ever thought it could be any other way. This new way is obviously more clear and pure than what you were doing before.

This is called an “aha moment” (if you’re an Oprah fan) or it’s called an “enlightening experience” or it’s called “greater understanding” or it’s called “expansion” or it’s called “frequency quickening” or it’s called “pure knowledge distilling upon the soul” or sometimes I like to think of it as “remembering” who I really am. 026aff38ce23d9d0cc29be163d036e75

That “remembering” is why it feels like it makes so much sense, why it feels so obvious once you have received it, why it feels so familiar and true … it’s because it is WITHIN you the whole time. You just have to reach a spot that your mind will accept it as truth, and when you do reach that spot you have your “aha” moment.

It is exactly as that thought “a mind that is stretched by a new experience can never go back to its old dimensions.” Yes. That’s truth. Experience is how we gain knowledge … to experience something is to have knowledge of it. So once you have experienced a thing, you have the knowledge and you can never NOT know then.

When you finally learn “2+2=4” and it “clicks” into your being as truth you have that knowledge now. There is not a time in your life that you won’t know 2 + 2 DOES equal 4. It has expanded your understanding and your mind has stretched to include this NEW knowledge. Forever changed – forever expanded from what it was.

Any new knowledge does this. It EXPANDS our understanding and we grow and progress into a new spot. We are MORE (more of who we REALLY are) than we were before. 7f9ec79c19cf01168a90a7c6b99695e4

How does this have anything to do with my dream?

Well, for me I understand more fully that I need to focus on EXPERIENCING being myself, owning myself, being true to who I am regardless of how others perceive me, LOVING who I am – ALL of me, not just the parts I see as strength and beauty but the parts that I see that are small and awkward too. This dream is telling me that I am EXACTLY who I should be and that means ALL of me. I am perfectly beautifully ME. I don’t have to be “perfect” – the world’s perfect … the perfection that the world focuses on is not real. I AM real and because I am, I am perfect – perfectly wholly who I am supposed to be.

The point of experience and life is not to change who we are to try to “fit” into a mold of what we’ve been told is “right.” No. Nope. I understand now that THAT is not why we’re here. We are here to OWN who creation created. I was created as this with these unique loves and talents and quirks and characteristics. There isn’t a “good or bad” aspect of my being … there’s just my being. And it is as it should be. A whole. A complete package. A unique soul unlike any other. I am here to share THAT with the world. self-confidence

That is it. That is what I need to embrace. I accept and allow ALL of me. And when I do that fully, I will FLOURISH in my spot because I will be aligned with my divine potential. The potential of OWNING my uniqueness and my OWN brand of joy.

Each of us has a unique “brand” of being. A way to live, a way to love, a way we exist that is unlike any other. It is entirely unique to us. It looks like no other, it acts like no other, it talks like no other and that is as it SHOULD be. You are here to be YOU. You are here to discover what is within YOU and to embrace that and offer THAT to the world.

Never diminish or hide your light … OWN your light. Allow it to light up the world around you in its own beautifully unique way. It will flourish and grow and become EXACTLY what it was created to become. Do not worry that it looks different, it should. Do not worry that you sound different, you should. Do not worry that it’s outside of the box – there isn’t meant to BE a box so please, be outside the box. Look WITHIN for the “answers” because you are unique and your uniqueness is not outside of you, it is inside of you calling to be let out.

Your goal is to “aha” and “oh yeah” until you’re FULLY wholly YOU. Without question you’re you. Without worry you’re you. Without limits you’re YOU!be-yourself-everyone-else-is-taken-20130119390

Be you. Own you. LOVE who you are and who you were created to BE. The joy within you IS DIVINE JOY! Don’t hide it because it doesn’t look like everyone else’s … it is YOUR CONNECTION TO DIVINITY WITHIN YOU. OWN IT.

When you do I suspect it will feel relieving. It will feel like freedom. It has been that for me. Every time I own another piece of who I am I feel like I can breathe easier and I can see clearer and I am stretched in new ways that EXPANDS my understanding. It is like a continual process of “coming home” to my own brand of loveliness.

It is peace. It is joy. It is ME. And THAT is who I was created to be after all. Just me. Perfectly interestingly uniquely me. My OWN brand of Honor.

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