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92 | Spotty Inspiration

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I have a spot. My spot today, is different than your spot. The space in the universe that I occupy is unique to me just as the energy that makes up YOUR being is unique to you. I can remember a few years ago being in a completely different “spot” belief wise than I am today.


I remember thinking that it was MY “job” to help others know and see my truth (my truth was the only truth after-all, right?), and that what I was learning and what I believed was the truth I needed to help them see. I remember thinking I had to try to convince people of what I believed … as if me convincing others solidified my truth or something. I remember feeling frustrated and judgmental when people didn’t “get it” or didn’t “see” as I did. It was a place of burden and heaviness like if I didn’t help them see what were they going to do? There was judgement, fear, separation, and lack of faith involved.

I didn’t understand. I didn’t see.

Today I see so differently, and from my view today, the “burden” is actually very easy and light.


Today I understand that it is not MY job to try to convince others of what I’ve been taught by God. It’s not MY job to help them “see” my pathway to truth. It’s not my job to give them everything I’ve received. It’s not my job to make others understand my journey. I am not responsible for dispensing all truth to all people. That’s not even really possible … and truth is only relative to the “sphere” in which it exists … how am I to know where another person dwells?

So what is my “job?”

I get to love. I get to be love and spread love and speak love. I also get to be light – spread light, share light, and embrace light. I get to support without judgment. I get to lift through service. I get to encourage, strengthen, speak peace, share joy, and embrace unity – that means seeing others in a “how are we the same, how can I relieve your suffering” light instead of shining light on how we’re different. I get to be fully ME without worry of how others perceive that and I get to understand that it doesn’t matter if anyone else understands, I only need to be true to what’s within my soul and bring peace to the world.

I think I get the “easy” part. I just get to embrace what comes into my experience with love and light in my heart and live according to what fills me with those. I don’t have to do the convincing, God does that. I don’t have to do the leading, the Universe and the Light does that. I don’t even have to worry over anyone or anything … I trust in faith that God and the Universe has got it taken care of and when I am needed for some purpose or some part, I will be inspired to do my part and fulfill my purpose.

wpid-photo-6Releasing judgment from my experience has opened up the world to me. Allowing for God’s ability to guide each individual and trusting that I will know when I’m “meant” to act has brought freedom. I have let go of ALL worry, all stress, all thoughts of needing to control the way it goes and in doing so there is lightness, easiness and FLOW.

When I was still learning all of this I remember thinking that I needed to worry about telling specific people, especially those closest to me, what I was learning and I needed to worry about how they were learning and progressing and it felt HARD. I was trying to control how their journey was going. I was judging their experiences based upon MY own experiences and in doing so I was damming the flow of God energy within me and within the relationship.

I didn’t need to do that. It isn’t my job to control what they’re learning, how they receive it, and how fast they’re going. I can’t control that anyway, so worrying about it and feeling responsible for it is a needless waste of I CAN do is love them. What I CAN do is allow for their own unique pathway to God and truth and trust that the Universe has got it under control and they will receive EXACTLY what they need when they need it. In perfect timing. In the perfect way.

If I spread love, light, and embrace the FLOW within me (and I focus on doing JUST that), I can KNOW that I will be where I’m supposed to be and I will say what I’m “supposed” to say when it is needed. It is faith in divine guidance. It is letting go of my thought that I can know how any of it is supposed to be and understanding I have no idea, but God does and I do know how to connect to God, so I will do that and allow God to do the “work.”

It isn’t work to be inspired, it is flow. Flow is easy, flow just comes, flow is light, flow is being and doing and saying the “right” thing for the moment without thought for it … it just spills out. It is inspiration.

uplifting-quotes-light-shinesWhen I am in THAT space I just know what to do in each moment. If it is a teaching moment with one of my kids, I have the words to say and I know what they need. If it is saying something randomly to a stranger in the grocery store, I just feel inspired to speak and I speak and I have no thought for how or why or what I’m saying, I just follow what I am inspired to say. If it is sharing a quote on Facebook, or a thought on Instagram or a smile to a neighbor, or mailing a heart rock to a friend (you should mail a rock sometime … the awkwardness of the package is comical …) –  whatever it is … it’s not hard, I don’t have to think about it first and plan it out … I am just in the flow of God’s energy and I know what to say and when to say it and what to do and it flows out of me in perfect ways and it’s easy. I am inspired, I act and then I move on.

I am not concerned about trying to “make” people see or understand my journey or “my way.” I am not concerned with trying to control how another’s experience and journey is progressing. I have no need to worry about how others think or act or to force them to do what I think they should do … that has all fallen away from my perception and it is just gone.

My concern today is that my kids feel loved and know peace … I try to speak those words in our home as much as possible. My concern today is that I support and encourage and lift up those around me in my influence … if I am inspired to send a letter, or a kind email, or give cookies or whatever is … I just do it. I don’t think about it, I just do it knowing that ALL inspiration bears good fruit and I don’t have to SEE where it goes or how it’s received, I only have to offer it freely.

22238293cec718ac7830082b11a8e4a7God has shown me that there is a spark of light in each of us. And I have pictured it as a little flame inside of a box that is solid and strong and made of thick heavy bricks. God’s energy is the light. Our unbelief, our limited view, our lack of faith, our need to control, our fear … all of that stuff helps strengthen and keep those walls up around our little flame within. When we are inspired the flame is sparked. When we receive love the flame glows brighter. When we are encouraged or helped or when we receive truth, the flame grows. As we embrace that love and light and joy and unity that IS God energy, we, brick by brick, take down that wall of “junk” that is veiling that flame within us, and we allow that light MORE influence within … more influence brings more inspiration, more peace, more joy, more love, and more light.

I am grateful I see who I am. I am grateful I have received truth and the peace that comes from that, is within me continually. I am grateful I can love and spread love and embrace love and in doing so I open up a space of love around me, in energy, that allows for God and the Universe to flow unrestricted in the space that I am in. In that love energy space, ALL feel peace, ALL feel replenished … ALL have the flame of light within them sparked and God then is able to come in and invite and teach and lead each individual in the way they need for their unique journey.

My “burden” is to love and spread love and open up the way for love everywhere I am able. That’s it. It’s not really a burden when you feel that love envelop you and it is so peaceful and joyful. It’s easy. It takes no thought, it’s just inspired living. (8)

Inspiration is connection to God, to the Universe, to the energy of existence and it FLOWS in and around and through all things when we open up to it.

Be open. Embrace the goodness and love and light in the world and as you do, you will feel that flow more and more and it will inspire you to do EXACTLY what fills your soul with light and what feeds your progression and growth.

Growing is why we’re here … inspiration and God’s energy is how we grow. Open up the way for THAT in all that you do and you will see beautiful fruit come forth.

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