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Daily Affirmations

“Your mind is a powerful thing; when you fill it with positive thoughts your life will start to change.”

Dear Mom,

I have seen the power of positive self talk.

I CREATE with my thoughts, and what I’m capable of changing through that positive self talk is MY life.

The thoughts I think directly affect my experience and my atmosphere.

The words “I AM” and what follows those determine my potential … if I believe that I am beautiful and smart and capable and successful and funny and joyful and ALWAYS growing and progressing, then I AM THOSE THINGS!

I am always joyful.

I always see the beauty in the world.

My potential is only success.

I know miracles abound.

I am a powerful creator.

I always choose healing.

I see love everywhere.

How I talk to myself determines who I am, and because that is so, I ALWAYS SPEAK PEACE.

(I will be including a “daily affirmation” with each blog post. I intend to make it each day’s mantra – I know through saying positive things to myself … through repeating them aloud, while looking in the mirror, and any time I need a boost … I will uplift my energy and create a positive atmosphere of peace and love within.

Please take these and use them as your own, or better yet, find what your heart calls you to believe about yourself and repeat it as many times as you need until you KNOW it is truth.)



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