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186 | Authenticity


This is the word of the day (and week and month AND year) for me.

I am learning what it means to live with integrity, fully honoring myself. It is not a coincidence that my name is what it is … I get to REALLY learn what “honor” means.

I am finally understanding what my true nature is and how to express that as I breathe and walk in this world.

Here’s what I am noticing: I LOVE IT!!

I am finding so much value in the new energy that’s opening to me because of the way I am meeting and choosing to show up in the world now. It is truly a joyful experience to meet myself more fully each day.

I am a delight!! And I see that much more easily than I did before.

Here’s something else: As much as I accept and love myself, I am seeing that it directly correlates to how I accept and love those around me. It is all connected! What a gift to REALLY see.

*****Breath. Pause.******

I am in “authenticity” today … And as it hums and resonates within me I breathe a little easier, stand a little taller, move a little more gracefully, and really appreciate
everything before me.

I am welcoming this new walk. I am honoring my new step. I am loving coming back home, back to the place of “originality.” It has always been here … Only briefly hidden. (what’s a few decades or so)

Welcome back Honor.

~Honor, this moment.

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