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178 | The Child’s Question

My five year old asked me yesterday what is inside our bodies.

“A ghost?”

And I didn’t necessarily have a definitive answer for him … One that he’d understand, and that is “truth.”

I grew up being told one thing, that it was the only thing, there was no other way to see. There was only “THE truth.” And I chose to step outside of that box.

Because of that I have a reluctance to giving my children “ultimate truth” … I just don’t believe that is a thing anymore. Stepping outside of that “only one way” perspective, I view “truth” very differently today, and because of that I have a desire to give my children the opportunity to learn for themselves without being told what they SHOULD believe.

I want them to learn many ways of seeing the world and to choose which fits best for them based on experiencing (experience is key) lots of views, not just my own beliefs.

But when they’re asking, I do want to give them answers, or at least an idea of what “could” be. I want to open dialog that will help them think and ponder.

So I briefly told him, in five year old terms, that a ghost is like a soul which is just energy. And I told him without the energy within, our bodies wouldn’t function. And he asked me if they’d be dead and I said yes, we need “soul energy” or “life energy” to be here and be moving and talking and living.

Now, I don’t know if this was the best way to answer his question. It’s just what came to me when he asked.

He’s five. There will be so many more questions that come. I have lots of time yet, to help him tap into the “truth within.”

What I believe most is that the answers will come when you’re ready and asking. And it helps to be open to shifting winds; sometimes NEW answers to the SAME questions will come later.

At the end of the day, “the truth” that is defining who you are and what you believe is a spacious field with MANY different ways of narrowing it down for descriptive purposes.

How you choose to define it does not limit its infinite nature … The only limit is US and our view. But that’s as it should be. We can only see from our own perspective.

That’s what I love about stepping outside of previously defined “truth” or views … It has broadened my vision. It has helped me see that I need EVERYONE’S perspective, and when we combine our truths, we create a whole.

Unity then, is the thread that binds us together.

I’m grateful for unity today. May we experience more of it in our lives.

~Honor, this moment.

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