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187 | My Miracle of Love

I just ended a love pilgrimage. It was a deep dive 44 day journey into love and union. Love and union with myself; all the parts of me. And love and union with others.

To say this experience changed my life is an understatement. It was profound in so many ways. I believe I am a different person today than when I began 44 days ago. And maybe that’s what a pilgrimage does. It changes. It transforms. It transmutes. It alchemizes.

I see the world differently today. I feel more grounded in who I am and how to authentically express that to the world and to myself.

This didn’t come without challenges. It wasn’t an “easy” journey. There were tears. There was heart break. There was darkness. There were moments I felt overwhelmed and weary and when I was angry at unearthing what was being unearthed.

But the thing about that unearthing is, it is like digging up buried treasure. Yes, there’s digging involved. And yes, you get dirty. And maybe it takes a little while and you are tired in the process. But when you get to the treasure, there’s release. And joy. And peaceful presence. And light.

The buried treasure IS light. It is bright and warm and inviting and like fresh air after a long time of holding your breath.

This is what the Miracle of Love journey has done for me. It has awakened me. It has activated the “Seed of Light” that was buried within me.

And do you what is so amazing about this seed? It is MY special seed. The name of the seed is “Honor Rose.” And activating it is like taking the true nature of who I am and bringing it out of that deep dark hole and shining light on it so I remember what “Honor” looks like and who she is.

What I found, upon discovery of this seed, this buried treasure, is that it is a mirror! And when I pulled it out of the depths I looked into it and saw an Angel of Light staring back at me. And when I really looked closely I realized that angel IS me.

This mirror, this sacred seed, is here to remind me who I am, what I’m doing here, and why I exist.

THIS is the Miracle of Love.

It is about learning to be open to love. It is about learning to love myself and truly see who I am, without all the labels people (myself included) paste on me and without all the conditioning this world has laid over me.

Not only that, but I have learned what unconditional love feels like from others who are also open to love. Love is a connecting energy. When two hearts are open to love there is a meeting that takes place. It is only possible in this sacred opening. I am an open place, you are an open place, in our openness there is union, there is intimacy, there is magic.

It is a NEW way of existing. It is a new way of seeing. It is a new way of being. It is taking the best parts of our human nature and shining the light on them so they sparkle. And when we do this we realize that all the stuff we thought (and were previously taught) was important isn’t. And all the stuff that makes us shimmer and shine IS.

We get to bring out the shine!!!

It’s like the best most perfect gift, this buried treasure, to realize that the most fun and fulfilling and amazing parts of life are the point.

I get to be ME?! I get to share my light with the world?! I GET to shine my unique “weirdness” for all to see! This is why I’m here?!!

Yes!! This IS why we’re here. And I have found the space where I get to celebrate myself and my energy and all others in their energy too. And I have seen and felt a true unity of heart. And it is POWERFUL and MAGICAL.

I’m truly honored, and I don’t use that word lightly, because it’s my name … I am truly honored to be here, in this spot, at this moment in time. It is a new beginning, an open doorway.

My heart is changed. My eyes see more clearly. I feel more “me” than I have ever felt. And I have a community of people who are standing beside me with the same vision I have.

In this vision I see cities of gold. And it’s not gold because of its physical properties, it looks like gold because it’s glowing light.

This is what comes next. This is what we get to experience as we join together in love.

Love is a unifier. Love is the illuminator. Love is the miracle maker, after all.

It’s ALWAYS simply, a miracle of love.

~Honor, this moment.

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