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153 | The “Eye” of Peace

I have discovered that happiness/unhappiness is a limited state of being. 

PEACE, on the other hand, is unconditionally limitless. 

What is the difference? 

Happiness seems to rely on circumstances. 

I am happy because my family is all together. I am happy because I love fall. I am happy because my children are happy. I am happy because someone read my blog and liked it. 

I am unhappy because I feel tired and stretched thin. I am unhappy because the laundry is never done. I am unhappy because my extended family is far away. I am unhappy because no one ever calls me.

These are all outer conditions that seem to determine my happy or unhappy state of being. 

Peace is unconditional. Peace is an underlying presence available every moment, no matter the circumstance. Peace is the CORE of all things, and that’s why it FEELS like “peace” because it is our truest clearest state of being. 

It isn’t something we get from outside of us, it IS us. 

Peace is my nature. When I have peeled back every layer and removed every veil, there is peace. And it is constant and solid and sure. It cannot be altered; it is unchangeable and eternal. It can only be realized when we are open and ALLOW the spark of the divine within us to shine through all the noise. 

I can have inner peace even with turbulent and changing circumstances raging outside of me. 

How?  Through understanding what I AM, and understanding what I am not. 
I am not the “emotional mom” at the end of the day; I am love. 

I am not the “frustrated driver” in the rush hour traffic; I am patience. 

I am not the “angry neighbor” or the “pissed off citizen,” or the “guilty woman,” or the “hurt child,” or the “victim,” or the “shamed,” or the “unsuccessful” or the “judger” or the “judged” … I am peace. 

And EVERY time I attach myself to what I am NOT, it only takes remembering what I AM to recenter me back into the peaceful core of my being. 

Peace is ALWAYS available. It never changes or alters, it is the foundational essence of what we are. We only need to embrace its presence within, to ALLOW it to flourish in, around, and through us.

I challenge you to remind yourself 10 times today that YOU ARE PEACE. When you catch yourself identifying with an aspect of human life that is not really YOU, the foundational core spark of you that is the truest version of you, REMIND YOURSELF that you are not that, you are love. You are peace. You are presence. And then act as if you are. 

You will, in very little time, see enormous shifts, if you choose to be so aware. 

“I am love, I am patience, I am kindness, I am peace.”

This is my reminder to you … you ARE those. Always have been, always will be. Say that sentence out loud and claim those as the truest version of you. And then go out into the world and bring those qualities everywhere you go. 


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