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152 | In the Still


What does that mean? 

The definition of “still” says, “Deep silence and calm. Tranquility. Peace. Serenity.”

So, stillness is the state of being which expresses those. It is a state of peace. It is a state of deep “silence” … and I don’t think it necessarily means the absence of audible sound, I think it means the absence of “mind chatter.” 

In stillness, the incessant noise that fills our minds, lessens. Maybe even we hold space, for a moment, with complete mental silence. Nothing but spaciousness. 

Why is this important? 

We connect to what we really are in the spacious stillness. It is like a doorway or a conduit that allows us to have access to the light and life which exists underlying all things. 

Without the stillness, we cannot hear. 

Without the stillness, we cannot see. 

Without the stillness, it is harder to peel back the layers of “noise” and to reveal that which lies within us, the CORE spark of light that animates all things.

So how do we “be still?”

I think every person will have their own unique “method” that draws them into their peace. 

For me? I meditate. But it doesn’t “look like” I initially thought meditation was supposed to look like. I don’t necessarily sit with my eyes closed and legs crossed for 45 minutes. 

I DO try to sit and do “nothing” twice a day, but the nothing I do is like a, “I’m sitting here appearing to be doing nothing outwardly, but within I am connecting to and opening up to The One.” It’s a revelatory “nothing.”

I have seven kids. I’m hardly ever alone; to get the time to sit quietly and do “nothing” requires me to wait until everyone is sleeping. So, I get early morning and late night. 

It’s challenging because I’m tired too! 

I’ve discovered that I can enter into the stillness even when I’m driving or doing dishes or folding clothes. Yes, “chore meditation!” 

I’ve heard it called “walking meditation” too. Basically, I “be still” within, even though there’s outward “motion” happening. And I get really present with what I’m doing. 

I consciously breathe. Every movement is noticed and focused on. I let go of the thoughts that do come by continuing to focus on the present moment. Doing this allows me to let go of the craziness in my mind, and in that letting go, I have peeled back the layers of noise to reveal the sun. 

You can find the way YOU allow that stillness in, and you can do it and see and feel the benefits that come when there’s peace and serenity. 

“Practicing” allows us to learn what it feels like so we can access it more fully in our daily lives. It also replenishes us, energetically, to be in that spacious peace. 

It is like recharging our batteries. 

The simple way to find your “access point” is to ask. Put the question “out there” and then quietly sit and “listen.” You won’t hear the answer with your ears, but you FEEL the answer come. And as you learn to listen to that “voice” it will get clearer and clearer. 

Entering into the “spacious peace” is like breathing fresh air with a set of lungs you didn’t know you had and that have been stifled for a long time. It feels relieving. Replenishing. Energizing. Uplifting. It’s like turning on the lights.

After a moment “in the light” I feel like I can do anything, I can meet any challenge with greater ability, and I can give MORE love and light into the world just because it feels so good to do so. 

Find the peace today and breathe it in. 

Own it. It is yours to experience and yours to share.


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