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154 | The Power of Invisibility

I have a power.
Sometimes I am invisible. And in those moments there is an energy that shines THROUGH me that uplifts and brightens everything it touches.

When I say, “I am invisible,” I mean the “I” that is “Honor.” The personality. The character in the play of life.

If “Honor” is only a character in the play of life, WHO shines through her?

Maybe there isn’t a “who” as much as there is a “what.” WHAT shines through those who become open conduits of light?

It is energy.

And the energy that IS all things has MANY names. Some call it God. Some call it cosmic light. Some call it universal truth. Some call it Law. Some call it the higher power. Some call it Love or Peace. Some call it Source. Some call it the Creator of all that is.

I like to call it, “The One.” The ONE energy that IS all things.

It’s IN all things, sure. It animates all things, yes. It “created” all things, absolutely. But those definers somehow still limit it.

When I think of the energy that is all things, it cannot be limited, then it wouldn’t be itself. It cannot be conditioned, then it wouldn’t be itself. It must include everything, everyone, every part, every piece, every POTENTIAL. THAT is the limitless energy of all existence.

I don’t think it’s “wrong” to narrow it down to make it more relatable, but in so doing, we take away the beautiful essence of what it TRULY is.

GOD IS ALL THINGS. It’s not just, “He is the creator of all the things,” … “HE” … if you want to personalize it that way, IS all things. Everything that exists is God.

You cannot separate things out from that. And because you cannot separate, that means there IS no separation. If you think you’re separate from God, you’re misperceiving what IS. If you think God is outside of you in some other place, you’re not seeing what IS. If you think you could do something to take yourself away from God, you’re not understanding what is.

You are ONE with all that is. There isn’t a possibility of separation. The energy is ONE energy. It is only a whole unified Oneness. There is nothing else.

Yes, we live in this physical world with the idea that we’re something alone and separate from all the other somethings. And we imagine the creator to be outside of us in some other realm, and even some of us think there is no source of all that is, it’s just this place and this time and there’s nothing unifying it all.

You get to believe whatever you choose. And in those beliefs you limit yourself or open yourself to the limitless. It’s your experience, and you get to have it.
That being said, everything IS energy. That is truth. And everything being energy is ONE kind of thing … what kind of thing? ENERGY. That is the Oneness that we are all part of. There isn’t anything that isn’t energy.

So, whether you’re a science minded person, and call it energy, or you’re a religious person and call it God, or you’re a spiritual person and call it Light/One/Universal existence … the labels are irrelevant. You exist, therefore you are part of the One energy that IS all things.

There is nothing outside of the energy that is all things.

There is nothing separate from the energy that is all things.

You cannot hide from it. You cannot be “unworthy” to be part of it … YOU ARE PART OF IT. You exist. You ARE energy.

The cool thing about this truth is, it’s simple.

I am.

No one can deny that I exist. I am sitting here, writing on this keyboard, and you are reading the words that I have written. On this physical plane this is.

Because I am, I can KNOW that I am energy. All that exists is energy.

And the cool part is, that with this knowledge, I can understand that my energy has a vibration. That is the nature of energy. It is a vibrating essence. And as such, it has a frequency.

Knowing this, I can USE the knowledge to understand that my frequency ALIGNS with itself. In other words, the stuff that is the same frequency as I am will resonate with my energy … there will either be HARMONY or DISSONANCE.

That means that I can know when things are aligned with who I am by what feels the same, energetically.

This is helpful! I can use this to help guide me to be more aligned with who I WANT to be. If I am resonating with a vibration that is NOT who I want to be, all I need to do is CHANGE my frequency to align with who I DO want to be.

And yes, it’s easier said than done, but knowing that it CAN be done is EVERYTHING.

This is only the tip of the iceburg, so to speak … there is SO much to this … but it IS simple. It is easy, once you understand the nature of what you are.

Turn inward for confirmation. Do you KNOW what is the CORE of your “identity?” Is it the personality you see here in this “earth school” … or is it something far greater? Do you understand that you can use the energetic vibrational alignment in EVERYTHING that is, to help guide you?

I feel like I could talk about this for hours and not even skim the surface, and yet, it’s simple and foundational to who we are too.

If I have confused you, which is HIGHLY possible, then ASK for clarification. Ask me, ask your inner knowing, ask your “Akashic” record, ask God, ask the Universe … when you ask, you open yourself up for greater understanding.

“Ask and ye shall receive” is truth. When you ask, you’re set on the path to receiving that which you are asking for. Sometimes there are experiences you need to have FIRST, before you get what you’re seeking, but you ALWAYS get what you’re seeking.

Ask. Be open. Understand that you are ONE with all that is, and because this is truth there is NOTHING that will be withheld.

You can become invisible … so the only thing that is seen in your expression of beingness, is the Light of all that is. And in that invisibility there is peace, and power and purpose.

Today I am grateful for that power.



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