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94 | The Brilliance of Fuchsia Baskets

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Oh how I love todays (1)

I am TIRED today! Holy cow, where did that come from?! I think it may be “emotional” weariness. Yikes!!

As I dragged my tired self out of bed, I saw the sun SHINING its little heart out and I felt a little lift from that. Each morning I get up and when it “dawns” on me that’s it’s another new day I always smile and think, “I wonder what today will hold! The possibilities are ENDLESS!”

It is EXCITING to have a new day, another opportunity for growth, another chance at whatever yesterday held to make it better, and do it better, and see it better … it’s just pure potential. I love it.


The other day we were driving home from dropping the 8th grader off at school and my 4 year old daughter said, “Mom, if there was a shooting star I would make a wish. And I wouldn’t tell anyone my wish so it would come true.” I said something like, “Oh, well that would be good.” And then a moment later she said, “Do you know what my wish would be? I would wish for it to be Mother’s Day again so we could buy you more flowers.”

My little 4 year old would use HER wish to give me joy.

Yesterday my kids discovered that our raspberry plants have berries already! It was shocking … it’s May in Washington State. That’s crazy! But there they were, maybe 10 little red berries just sitting there waiting to be enjoyed. Do you know what the first thing they did was? They came in to where I was sitting and showed me and offered them to ME to eat. Because they know how much I love raspberries.


I was lying in bed this morning sort of “meditating” / praying and I was thinking about how God is everything. Not just that God’s energy “created” everything … because there’s that. But that BECAUSE there’s that, EVERYTHING IS GOD.

That means the shooting star, the butterfly, the trees, the wind, the flat tire, the food you eat, the bed you sleep on, the cells of your body … ALL of it is Existence. And because it all is, we are ALL connected.

Isn’t it amazing that sometimes when you are having a “day” … you know the kind … maybe you’re just in a funk and you don’t know why … and then all of a sudden out of nowhere you will receive something that makes you feel loved, or induces a smile, or causes you to laugh or something that lightens your mood.

It’s not a coincidence. It’s because your energy is part of ALL of existence and the Universe conspires for your good. When you are down, there is something or someone that can and will help you feel better. Look for that thing. Expect that thing.


For Mother’s Day I received two huge beautiful hanging baskets full of Fuchsia’s. I adore Fuchsia flowers … they’re so happy and beautiful and perfectly interesting. The kids chose these for me because they know how much I love living things. They are hanging outside the 2 windows of my office and every time I am working or writing I see them and they fill me with joy. Everyday as I write this blog there is a hummingbird or two that comes and flies around and drinks the nectar from these baskets of flowers. I frequently see them out of the corner of my eye and then stop what I’m doing so I can watch. I just sit there and enjoy those little birds that have wings like magic and are so beautiful.

Every moment there is SOMETHING that is for YOU that will fill you with joy, gratitude, love, light, happiness, and laughter. There is. Every single moment. And it is there to help you EMBRACE the lightness of life and to ENJOY living.

Life is MEANT to be enjoyed. We are here to LOVE and part of that means that yes, we are here to love others and spread that love. But it also means we’re here to love LIFE and to LOVE the things that the Universe and God bring into our experience to spark the joy within us. Those things are not coincidences … they’re FOR you. Exactly for what you need in the moment to fill you with wonder and awe and love for the life that you’re living.


I noticed that as I’ve grown and expanded my being, I have been able to appreciate those things more. I expect them. I see them. I acknowledge that they’re there and I acknowledge who sent them. I ALWAYS stop and embrace them, enjoy them, and just BREATHE in the wonder.

Life has a brilliance when you’re able to see these things. EVERY single moment is a joy and a gift and an opportunity to stop and be present. In the presence of the moment God is there … that “presence” that feeling of “NOW” is how we connect. And it is always available. And it is always inviting us to reach out and take hold of it and to embrace it with joy in our hearts.

Find the joy today. Look for it. And when you see it, really stop what you’re doing and enjoy it. And FEEL the presence of God in that moment and say “thank you” to the Universe for having your back and filling you with wonder and awe.


There is expansion in the wonder. There is joy in the awe. Embracing these things brings MORE of these moments into our experience and we are continually filled and blessed and gifted EXACTLY what we need to continue on every moment in joy.

I see, in THIS moment the gentle breeze blowing through the trees outside my window … all of the leaves dance and the trees sway and it is peaceful and good. Gratitude opens the door to SO much … I feel grateful for this “today” and KNOW that it’s going to be an awesome day.

I send “peaceful and good” to YOU in these words and KNOW that you too will be blessed this day. Look for it … it’s coming to you.

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  1. HI Honor,

    I wanted to know if there is any way I could get a link to the interview you recently did. I wasn’t able to finish it before it was unavailable. I was planning on listening to it today and tomorrow but that was no longer an option. Can it be available upon request? Also thank you so much for your blog and insights. Love your sister in Christ-Sally

    On Fri, May 27, 2016 at 12:19 PM, Honor, this moment. wrote:

    > honorthismoment posted: “Click here to LISTEN to this blog post: > I am TIRED today! Holy > cow, where did that come from?! I think it may be “emotional” weariness. > Yikes!! As I dragged my tired self out of bed, I saw the sun SH” >


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