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93 | Bald, Bold, and Beautiful

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I had a very intense dream about Bald Eagles last night. Two of them … or maybe it was just one that I experienced 2 times. At first I was scared of it and I was trying to get away from it … it was coming toward me, not in a scary way, but my perception was of worry and fear. And then when I saw it again it was sitting alone in a room and I walked up to it and hugged it to me … it allowed me to just hold it and I felt peace.


I grew up reading scriptures, and so symbolism is a very familiar way to learn something for me.  I also have had a lot of dreams over the course of my life … USUALLY I am taught using symbolism.

Bald Eagle symbolism:

  • supreme vision
  • expanding your spirit – relinquish stale and comfortable habits and beliefs to soar into unknown realms and new realities, continually expanding your view
  • look at things with new eyes
  • go deeper into your “spiritual quest”
  • victory and strength and humility
  • freedom
  • truth and justice
  • not allowing the illusion of limitation to ground us in our flight
  • work smarter, not harder – efficiency in energy usage
  • revitalization, creation, and healing
  • mental acuity (the ability to see, hear, or understand something easily)
  • hone thoughts to bring about focused change in life
  • “fly higher” – reach higher and become more than you think you’re capable of
  • be courageous and stretch limits
  • be patient with the present
  • symbolizes man’s connection to the divine because it flies higher than any other bird
  • renewed life – spring, dawn, rebirth
  • stamina and resilience

Because I have had dreams almost as long as I can remember, it is a very familiar way for me to be taught. Spiritual dreams feel different than just random dreams. When I wake up and the dream is very vivid and I feel like it was SO “real” and I can very clearly remember it and my FEELINGS while I was in it … I know that I should take notice and see what I can learn from that.

I have dreamt of a Bald Eagle before … that dream the Eagle was hurt and its wing was broken. Other people weren’t able to help it and the Eagle told me I was the only one who could heal it … I was worried I wouldn’t be able to but I walked up to it and began to try to heal the broken Eagle.

I have seen maybe 5 times over the past year Bald Eagles on walks and hikes. Which I usually think is SO random (nothing’s really random), but SO cool … they’re HUGE and beautiful and majestic looking.


Spiritual things are interesting. They are very easily cast off as “random” or “that dream was your midnight snack talking” or “coincidence” or “crazy” or whatever … it is EASY to disbelieve things that you can’t see. It takes much more strength and absolutely takes FAITH to believe in things that are not apparent on our physical world.

When I have a dream, only I can know what it FELT like, what it imparted to me, and how it sparked the soul within me. No one else can see or feel that. It is mine to see and to feel and take and use for my own growth and experience.

In sharing things of a spiritual nature, there’s always a little bit of hesitation on my part … I don’t know if you will accept what I have to say as truth, I don’t know if you’ll just call me a crazy lady, I don’t know if you’ll roll your eyes, I don’t know if you’ll see and hear what I see and hear, I don’t know if it will spark anything within you … I don’t know how ANY of you will receive what I have to offer.


What do I know? I KNOW what I have received. I know how I feel about it. I know the fruit that it bears. I know how it’s shifted and altered my perception in a beautiful more loving and peace filled way. I know that when I have a dream or receive some inspiration or insight, I GAIN from that, I LEARN from that, I GROW because of it. It always draws me closer to God – closer to the Source of universal energy of which we’re all a part of.

How any one of you receives what I share is only important to YOU. You get to take it and do what you will with it. You can use it to inspire yourself to draw closer to the source of energy within you or not. You can think I’m a crazy person and NOT believe things you can’t see and hear with your physical eyes and ears. It’s your choice.

I cannot control or worry about how you choose to see the world. I can only offer my life as one way to see the world. I can tell you how lovely it is to see in this way. I can show you the fruit of my belief and choices. I can bear witness of God’s presence in my life and I can HOPE that you will take what I offer in the spirit in which it is offered … in love, in faith, in truth, and in light. Beyond that the choice is yours.


You are the one who creates your atmosphere. You are the one who clings to belief in things unseen or who doesn’t. You are the one who chooses faith and hope or not. You are the one who has control over your experience, in that you get to CHOOSE how you think, what you believe, what you focus on, and how you choose to see the world. It is YOUR life to make what you will of it.

I share MY life in the hope that someone will be inspired. I share my experiences in faith that I will gain strength from writing them out. I share my perception and belief and know that it is a beautiful way to live and it is joyful expansion continually.

The fruit that has and is coming forth from what I am doing, how I am living, and the choices I am making is good fruit in my life. It is peace. It is love. It is unity with God and with all of creation. Can that inspire you? Can that help you in your life? Can it turn YOU to God and to the source of energy which is within your being?

I don’t know.

I HOPE that it will. I don’t know if it will for anyone … but it doesn’t matter if it does or if it doesn’t. I am doing what I’m inspired to do and that is ALL that matters. At the end of the day, at the end of the week, at the end of the year … the only part that matters is how I live and the atmosphere and energy I embrace.

I choose to embrace inspiration. I choose to see miracles. I choose to focus on God and the Universe and the energy of my SOUL and I choose to share my inspiration with the “world.” In doing so I receive SO much … I have this peace that is ever present and continually growing. I have this LOVE that envelops my whole being and spreads out to everyone I come in contact with. I have this very real desire to know more, to do more, to share more, to love more, to GROW and EXPAND my being limitlessly.

THAT is what is real to me. THAT is what I focus on. THAT is how I choose to live my life and to experience this human existence.


All else is not important. All else comes and goes and gives and takes – and then I learn and I feel and I experience and I focus on the inspiration within me. It is there. It is ALWAYS giving and the more I pay attention to it the more I hear it and the more that it guides and leads me to do the things that expand my soul.

Continually. Without limit. That “voice” is always offering and I am always grateful I can hear and see and use the spiritual sight WITHIN me that is not apparent with my physical eyes but is very real.

There is no thing, no person, no anything that can take away or diminish what I have received … and so I share it and believe it will inspire SOMEONE at SOMETIME. When and who? I don’t know. That part isn’t important. I just believe in big things. I believe in divine guidance. I believe in divine timing. And I believe that my choosing to believe is awesome, and I love it and it fills me with joy.

And that JOY is all that matters … it expands continually and it is GOOD fruit for the soul. It FEEDS my being and in that nourishment I GROW.

I am grateful for growth.

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  1. He teaches me in dreams also. It is awesome! I had a dream about an eagle a few months ago and while i knew much of what it meant based on what i felt during the dream, this reminded me of the dream and has given me reason to consider it in a new context. Thanks to the Lord for that. I’m glad I “randomly” found this blog. I appreciate it!

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