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142 | Live Your Life


I used to think I had to “do” life a specific way, and that in order to be happy and to be the “right” kind of human, it had to look like this, and this, and that, and that, etc.

I no longer believe that.

Life isn’t MEANT to BE anything. It just IS. Life is the experience. Life is this momentary human reality we are each consciously aware of.

There isn’t a “RIGHT” way to do life. There’s just life. Beautiful, messy, crazy, challenging, lovely, expanding life.

So, today, just live. Whatever is in your current awareness, look at it, really see it, hear it, taste it, embrace it, and EXPERIENCE it to the fullest. THAT is what life is about.

Follow your joy. Focus on and expand upon all the things in your life experience that bring you peace. Look for stuff that fills your heart with love and breathe that love in.

Live. Love. And embrace this experience called life.


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