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156 | Sunday Morning Lesson


I am seriously “triggered” right now. (Frustrated, annoyed, exasperated, blarg!) I wish my kids would just listen and do what I ask them to do. (I have heard no less than 4 people yelling at me today … all because of some small chores.)

They do not, and I have realized (after much “letting go” and surrendering) that is exactly as it should be. 

My children are my best teachers. They challenge me daily to walk my walk. 

If they just did what I ask every time, I wouldn’t get to practice being consciously aware and CHOOSING how I respond to circumstances. 

I am grateful for my beautiful little teachers. They are gifts. And sometimes when they’re doing things that seem so ridiculous and irrational to ME, it helps me realize that we’re each having a unique experience here, and I can allow you to have yours, whatever that may be, without it threatening mine. 

So today I breathe in the lessons life brings me, and I thank the moments that become great expansion for me. 

Everything I need to expand my consciousness comes to me. I don’t have to go looking for it. It will come. And it may be in a simple Sunday morning “let’s clean the house!” request, or in a bigger life altering circumstance … every moment is a potential expansion into greater awareness. 

I don’t always welcome the triggering circumstances, when they present themselves, but I am beginning to see that they DO provide opportunities if I look. 

And so I look. And I see magic available around every corner. 


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  1. Yes!!! And sometimes I even remember this sooner than later, heh. There are so many lessons everywhere… Staying in that place of inner peace and divine love is a challenge (if not mortally impossible), but I’m getting incrementally better at getting back to it. So many teachers, all around… 💜 Thank you for sharing!

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