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143 | Choices and The Sun

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I am

It’s been raining here a LOT. Days and days of gray dripping sky. I’m fine with it mostly; because of the rain we have beautiful green stuff everywhere. But after a while, it can get a little dreary.

Today the sun is out. The sky is clear.

There is nothing quite like a sunny day, after what seems like weeks of gray, that lightens and brightens the atmosphere.

Nothing much has actually changed, I still live in this house with these people in this world that is exactly the same today as it was yesterday. But the sun shining and my eyes looking toward that brightness, completely affects my perspective and clarity.

It is MY choice, to see the sun as a bright spot and to look at its warmth as a gift, that truly changes things for me.

I had a bad week last week; truly terrible. I cried and felt broken hearted over things that haven’t even happened yet. And I lived there all week. And dwelt on them. And worried and stressed and thought about and focused on and made these things, that were only a “potential,” mountains.

How did I come out of it? I realized that nothing is set in stone. There isn’t ONE way for it to be. I get to choose which way I move toward, which direction I take, which path I go down. I do. I have that freedom. There is infinite potential before me.

I’ve talked about this before, the question is always, “where do I DESIRE to go?” What I’m doing and thinking about, in any given moment, is like taking a step down a path. If I’m aware and looking, I can see where my thoughts and actions will lead. (to a certain point)

So, today, do I like where my energy is headed? If I do, it’s safe to say I can continue on with joy and anticipation of beautiful things coming into my view. If I don’t, I can choose to get on another path. Nothing is stopping me. Nothing is in my way except myself. When I realize this, it allows me to be truly free.

ANY moment of any hour of any day is an opportunity or not. I can use this moment to adjust course or not. I can take this moment to truly look at where I’m headed and decide if it is taking me where I desire to go or if isn’t. And if it isn’t, then I can simply and easily, or maybe not so easily, adjust.

Last week, after days of going down a path I didn’t like, I realized what I was doing. And I snapped myself out of it. I decided that I can choose where I go, I can CHOOSE what I look at, I can choose how to act and respond to the circumstances in front of me, and in that freedom, I can truly create the life I desire to live.

Nothing outside of me is choosing for me … every minute of every day I am the one with ALL the power.

This is freedom. Understanding this basic right, the right to choose, is where your power lies. The moment you realize this, you will see YOU are the one doing to you. And in that sight, you can change what you allow on your path, what you allow into your world and what you allow to have control over you.

NOTHING can control you unless you allow it. So don’t. Realize deeply that your energy is only shaped BY YOU and then take your power back through your awareness and conscious choice. Realize that you have the ability to be the creator of your life! Not only is it within your ability to do so, it is your very NATURE and BEINGNESS to be the creator.

It is a beautiful truth. One that feels like sunshine, after weeks or months or YEARS of rain, when you come into its light.


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