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144 | Who Are You?

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Who are you? Why are you here? What is your “purpose?” IS there a purpose?

I can’t answer these questions for you. However, I am beginning to see the answers that are for ME.

Who am I? I don’t have ONE definitive answer, but I do know the traits and qualities that FEEL like me, and I know the ones that don’t. I know I like love and joy and peace and kindness and fun and laughter and smiling. These things, I have learned through experience, are intrinsic qualities of my CORE – my soul – my beingness.

How did I “discover” the traits that are inherent to my beingness? Through life experience. And as my awareness expands and grows within me, I see more clearly every day.

I see that the circumstances of my life have ALL served me. Even the ones that I didn’t love, that I “failed” at, that were displeasing … ALL the I’ve gone through has shown me more of who I am.

The things in life that have been lovely remembrances of that core of my being, those things that I LOVE, that I enjoy, that bring me peace, that are fun and exciting and fill my heart with FIRE? Those are resonance and harmony with the core of who I am. It is my awareness “remembering,” or coming into a state of being, that is more aligned with that soul core space than it was previously. I know, through those experiences, what is more ME than I did before.

Love is more me, than hate. Joy is more me, than fear. Kindness is more me, than indifference. Fun is more me, than failure. Lightness is more me, than heaviness.

And alternately, the things in life that have been challenging struggles, those things that have been hard, that I’ve faltered over, that I’ve worried and stressed and cried over … the stuff that I did NOT like? Those things have served me too. In those moments, those circumstances that are DISSONANT to my core, I learned what I don’t like, what doesn’t bring me peace, what isn’t fun, what feels yucky to my soul. Those experiences and circumstances helped me more clearly identify the core traits of my beingness, by showing me what ISN’T me.

In ALL of it, I have learned more about myself. Can I give you a one word or one sentence answer for “Who am I?” There isn’t one thing that is me. I am ALL the things that excite and resonate with my core – my soul.

What am I doing here? What is my purpose? I’m doing that which resonates deeply within me. I am loving and smiling and laughing and serving and uplifting and inspiring and helping and making and creating and witnessing. These are my purpose. These are my “role.”

What I am NOT doing and what ISN’T my purpose, is anything that is dissonant to those. I am not fighting, I am not judging, I am not sadness, I am not fear, I am not condemning, I am not worrying, I am not failing, I am not worthless, I am not ugly, I am not weak. I am not any of those. And do you know how I know? They do not FEED the light within the cells of my body. They do not animate my soul. They do not uplift me and fill me and strengthen me and help me and they do not feel like freedom. They limit me; that is how I know they are NOT me.

I am limitless. And I believe that so wholly, that anything that is limiting in any way, I know is not a core trait of my beingness.

So, I can EASILY identify all the things in life that ARE me, by clearly seeing what isn’t me, and going the other way. And when I see what IS me? I embrace it. I really allow it to come and dwell in me and I PRACTICE that vibration until I KNOW, without doubt, what it feels like and I can recall it at any moment.

When you look at all of life as an opportunity to know yourself more, you will see that it is in the experiencing of ALL the things how you truly come to know the whole of who you are.

The “bad” stuff helps you know what isn’t you.

The “good” stuff shows you what IS.

In experiencing all of it you are more aware, and in the expansion of your awareness you know wholeness.

Who am I today? I am love. I am light. I am strength. I am beauty. I am joy.

Who are you?


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