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113 | Are You Unworthy?

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Life is interesting.

I have learned that what I thought things were, is not how they are. Actually, that’s not true. It’s still sort of the same, but a few things shifted and that little shift changed everything.

I grew up believing my worth, my nature, who I am, was debatable, or questionable, or maybe even alterable. I believed that I could be unworthy. I believed that I could be unlovable. I believed that I could be “bad” and that that would condemn me forever.

I didn’t understand that unchangeable things truly mean UNCHANGEABLE. It is not possible to change the nature of something that exists … it is what it is.

I didn’t understand that my “worth” wasn’t tied to anything I could DO and was wholly tied to that unchangeable nature that I couldn’t alter.

What I didn’t understand then, is that my nature, which is unchangeable, unalterable, and wholly without question, is who I am. I can’t BE anything else. I am this, and by nature, I am unchangeably so.

What I know now is that my heart is one with all things, my energy is part of that universal wholeness and I can’t change that fact. That means that what I DO can’t change that fact, what I SAY can’t change that fact, and what you think can’t change that fact.

Can a fish be anything other than a fish?

Can a bird not be a bird?

Can my child that was carried by me, its mother, and birthed into this world be anything other than OF me?

No. A fish is a fish regardless of what anyone thinks, says, or does. A bird remains a bird – by its nature that is unchangeable. My child that I felt moving in my belly and watched come into this world and take her first breath while still attached to the cord that was part of me, is and always will be mine. By her DNA she is mine. That fact is unchangeable.

So too with each of us. We are “children” of God, souls of the universe and to believe that anyone and anything could take away that identity is not truth. We each are who we are, and we are unchangeably so.

Your identity is not up for question. The labels that are placed here on earth can change, the words and symbols used to describe can change, but the nature of your being cannot change, will not change, and does not ever change. That is there regardless of what anyone on earth believes.

When you know this, when you take this into your soul as truth, you will feel its truth. And you will understand that you are “worthy,” you are divine, you are loved without condition and without question. There is not anything you can do to change this. It is your identity – your non physical DNA that cannot be altered.

To see outside of this truth is only a separation of your thoughts with truth. It doesn’t alter that it is still truth.

I told you yesterday in my post (112) that I had the key to inner peace. And it really is so simple.

  1. Identify what is peace.
  2. Embrace only that.

Does it feel like “peace” to believe that you are “bad” or can do things that alter your identity and that the worth of your soul is up for question and there are all these things you have to do to earn your worth and the love of God and the universe, or does it feel like peace to know that you are you and that is unchangeable, and there is nothing you have to do to be loved … you are unchangeably unconditionally worthy because you exist.

It’s always up to you what you believe. The choice is yours. And the “key” remains … identify those things that fill YOU with peace and then embrace those. Your peace may be different than mine and that’s ok. I don’t have to cling to your peace … I only have to embrace the things that fill me with peace and that put me in flow of the love of the universe.

You do that too … when we all decide for ourselves and allow all others to do the same, there WILL be a greater sense of acceptance and love. Peace WILL abound … it’s the only outcome in that world that I desire, that I long for and that is coming.

I can’t wait.

honorthismoment – #100somethings – 3/100

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