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112 | The Worry Wart

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Do you know that “condition” where you dwell on stuff that’s “going” to happen … well … at least it might happen. You’re not sure if it will, but you’re going to think about it anyway and worry over it just in case. And so you fret and worry and fuss and stress and dwell and worry some more. It’s really time consuming. It steals the “presence” from every moment and focuses you totally on what isn’t there. At least what’s not there YET. But you’re certain it’s coming because life is hard and struggles are the norm and the worry has always proven to be based upon well founded truths.

Right? You know this “condition” don’t you?

This is the condition of the Worry Wart. A worry wart likes to dwell on stuff that isn’t real (at least it’s not real yet). A worry wart likes to imagine intricate scenarios where all the things go horribly wrong and everything ends up in flames and destruction. A worry wart likes to spend time fretting over all the “what ifs” and “oh no’s” and “it’s coming” imaginings. A worry wart tends to dwell on difficulties and troubles.

Do you know someone like this? I might know someone who has been known to live in this kind of world.

coughmight look like me a littlecough cough

I have found though, that this kind of thought pattern isn’t helpful. Do you know why? Because it’s focusing on what isn’t real … it’s focus upon illusion. It is focus on NOTHING. (if it isn’t here now, it’s nothing after all. It doesn’t exist.)

There isn’t a tsunami or “the big one” 10 earthquake today. There isn’t an economic collapse. There isn’t broken bones and bullies and flat tires and burglaries and car accidents and zombie apocalypses. Those aren’t here. Those aren’t real. Is there any reason to think about them as if they are? (if they do present themselves, I will deal with them then … today they’re non existent)


So, no. There is NO reason to think about those non existent things. NO! Stop doing it! (I’m listening to my great advice, just FYI)

What is real? Look at that.

What is here? Dwell on that.

What DO you want? Imagine that.

That’s all. ^^^ Do those and only those and life gets sweeter, lovelier, happier, easier, and better.

I could write paragraphs and pages and maybe even books about all the different scenarios and why it’s unhelpful to dwell on them. I could explain over and over about how what we dwell on shapes and “creates” our world. I could go through explanations about energy and thoughts and the law of attraction and your ability and freedom to choose etc. etc. etc.

I’m just going to give this simple “key” to peace that I have observed.

To have more peace in your life do this:

  1. Identify in your life what you want, what you love, what you desire, what expands your understanding and soul, and what fills you with peace.
  2. Embrace it. Focus on it. Expand upon it.

That’s it. That is the only thing you need to “worry” about … and actually, take out the worry and just be at ease in the knowledge that your joy is what you should embrace and the “light” or “guide” you should follow.

Why choose to dwell on terrible things that aren’t here when you can choose to see the lovely things that ARE?!

It’s a good question … one we should all carefully and thoughtfully think about.

As I do think about that, I realize that I DON’T want to dwell on stuff that is yucky and instead I choose to dwell on the stuff that is awesome. I do this because it feels better. I do this because it is a nice place to live in optimism, hope, faith, and peace. I want to have THAT world be my world and so I focus on it, believing that it will manifest for me.

Is every challenge in my life erased? Nope! That’s ok though … I am learning how to have balance and how to come back to the spot of peace when I can and when I’m aware of its absence.


Nothing else matters really. And I have found that this “way” of NOT being a worry wart has brought sunshine and light and excitement to my life.

It is fun to be alive and to be optimistic for the beautiful things that are ahead. I love the fun. I love the excitement. I love the now.

honorthismoment – 2/100 #100somethings

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