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111 | This Is Day One

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Today is day 1! The first day of 100 that I am committing to expanding myself.


I am joining a “100 somethings” journey. (check out the inspiration for this journey here, That means that before the end of 2016 I am going to do 100 somethings – 100 things that will expand upon my being.

I could have chosen anything of course. 100 days of reading an hour a day. Or 100 days of dancing everyday. Or 100 smiles to 100 strangers. Or 100 hours of meditation. Or making 100 pieces of art. 100 days of taking a picture of nature everyday. Or 100 things that I “let go of”  in my home to declutter. Or maybe 100 new recipes to try. Or 100 quotes posted to my Facebook page … there was a limitless number of things that could have been chosen.

I am choosing to do something that I’ve been wanting and inspired to do. I am choosing to do something that is a little bit of a challenge for me and that will take some courage and fortitude to accomplish. I am choosing something that will expand upon where I am at today. I am choosing something that will extend myself into “more.”

My “100 somethings” is this: For the next 100 days I am going to wake up before 5:00 am and be present in the moment. I will meditate for a time. I will record a video and write a blog post about that moment … how I’m feeling, what’s going on in my thoughts, etc.

The video and blog post is an “accountability” of sorts and also a journal of the journey. Who am I today and what am I thinking?

As I look back on January 1st 2017, I will have chronicled my journey.

I am certain that I will be a different person 100 days from now than I am today. I have seen growth and progression and know that it is fast when intention is applied. I know the potential that extending myself holds and I’m excited. I can’t wait to look back and see the journey I’ve taken and feel the different “me” that is now present.

I am one of those people who loves to learn. I read a lot. I enjoy learning about new things and expanding my understanding. I have seen that as I seek I am met with greater understanding, greater perspective, greater vision, and greater sight. I know that when I need something, if I am open, it comes. Especially when that “something” is understanding or inspiration. I am always met with guidance. That’s why I am excited about doing this. I am excited because it’s doing something I’ve been wanting to do anyway …. something I’ve been inspired to do. It’s doing something that I feel will benefit me greatly but it’s challenging, so it takes some effort and intention to really keep going in it.

I fully believe that as I move forward, I will have what I need to continue. A key though, is that I must first move. I can’t expect to receive witnesses and guidance and inspiration if I don’t move forward in “faith” of what I believe.

And so today is day one. I will intend, this very day, to uphold this commitment that I have made. I know that as I move forward in action and faith of what I believe (that I will expand, grow, be inspired, etc.) I will be met with exactly what I need when I need it. Without fail. Without condition. I will receive.

Is there something in your life that you’ve been wanting to do? Something that maybe has been on the periphery of your vision that you haven’t moved forward on yet?

I challenge you to take a step forward toward your goal and vision. Join the “100 somethings” journey … or just take a step in the direction you desire. When you act in faith, you receive inspiration and guidance that helps you take the next step. I have seen this pattern and know it’s truth.

Take a leap. Take a step. Take even just a tiny baby “scootch” toward your goal. Every tiny step is still a step forward! Forward is movement. Movement is growth. Growth is relieving and joyful after all!

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