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118 | Well, I Failed

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I failed.

I’m on day 8 today, of my “100 somethings” journey and yesterday I did NOT complete my goal. (If you don’t know what I’m talking out, check out THIS blog post – # 111!)

I have a few really great excuses.

  • I was really busy all day
  • there were lots of things going on that distracted me
  • at the end of the day when I DID think of recording my “documentation of the day” video I was at a high school football game cheering on my percussion daughter who was doing the half time show with the marching band. It was loud. Not possible to record a video.
  • when I got home from the game my other high school daughter who had stayed home to babysit needed emotional support and encouragement for some homework situation she had.
  • I was really tired.

Good ones, right?


I have a few choices, as I can see it anyway.

I can (A) just quit. I failed. I didn’t “complete” my goal. I didn’t do what I said I was going to do.

Or, I can (B) keep going, but really lose momentum because I am so focused on my floundering flop.

Or I can (C) learn from this experience (like that maybe I need to, on busy days, record my video EARLIER in the day, or just do a really quick “check in” even if I’m at a football game) and then take the knowledge I’ve learned and hold on to that moving forward and fully and wholly let go of the fizzling failure. In other words, keep moving forward looking FORWARD not BACKWARD.

Guess which one I’m choosing?

I’m going with “C.” Yep! And do you know why? Because it is the only one that makes sense.


When you make a goal, or set an intention, there may be moments that you don’t walk in that intention’s potential. You might feel like you failed. It might look like you didn’t meet the goal. You might see it as a set back and focus on it with regret and frustration and defeat.

Here’s why that’s a  bad idea … it doesn’t help you. Not even a little.

Do you know what DOES help you? Brushing yourself off. Taking a cleansing breath. Looking at WHY you didn’t do what you wanted to do. Taking that new knowledge, the “why did I mess up” and learning from it. And then turning yourself back toward your goal with renewed purpose and intention.

It’s not a failure, it’s a lesson.

It’s not a defeat, it’s an opportunity to prove to yourself that you’re committed. If it was easy, it wouldn’t be a “challenge” or a “journey” … it would just be done. But it’s a goal, an intentional expansion BECAUSE it takes growth. That means there will be moments that you don’t do it. There will be moments that you are not in the mindset of the desired potential. There will be moments of frustration and supposed “failure.”


Do not give up! Use those moments to propel you toward your goal! Take a moment to look at the “why” and then smile to yourself that you have new knowledge you didn’t before and recommit yourself, knowing you don’t have to make that mistake again.

Sometimes our greatest struggles teach us the most important lessons, so look for the lesson and KEEP MOVING FORWARD!

Today I am focusing on today. Not yesterday’s blunder, but today’s potential. And I know that when the next day comes that’s busy I will focus and I will do my best and it will be enough. It is ALWAYS enough. Even in the moments of struggle I am growing and that is the point of all of this anyway. Growth.

I’m grateful for the growth. – #100somethings – 8/100

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