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119 | It Turns Out, I Am the Hero

I was sitting in bed last night scrolling through Facebook (mmhmm. I do.) and came across this: Describe yourself using 3 fictional characters.

I thought about it for a while. I discussed it with my husband. I looked at who other people had chosen for themselves. It was a serious investigation into my soul. (I’m smiling and being a little sarcastic here. Ha! You can’t tell probably … )

I thought of funny choices (the old woman in the shoe with all the children … Google THAT image … it’s a little hilarious).

I thought of “that would be cool” choices (The Vision from the Marvel superhero brand or Wonder Woman)

And then I really thought about it. I thought of books I love or movies I love and WHY I love those. I thought of qualities I admire and “resonate” with in certain characters and I thought about my life and my journey and who would have qualities that could “match” that.

Here’s what I came up with:


Marmee (Margaret March), the mom from Louisa May Alcott’s “Little Women.”

  • I love Marmee’s  strength, confidence, and capability. She has well-founded beliefs that she doesn’t compromise on. She teaches her daughters to be true to who they are even if it doesn’t look like who “the world” thinks it should look like. She’s kind and soft, yet firm and tough. She laughs and tells stories and encourages individuality. She gets the job done no matter what it is and the people closest to her respect her and love her for that.

Elizabeth Bennett, the main character from Jane Austen’s “Pride and Prejudice.”

  • I love that Elizabeth is unique. I love her ability to be true to who she is, even though it doesn’t quite fit into the culture and social atmosphere she lives within. I love that she reads a lot and that she cares about character over appearance. She is generous with herself, she enjoys her friends and family, she looks at the world around her and understands its intricacies but desires what she desires and looks for ways to be true to herself. She is funny and serious and smart and loving and clever and she doesn’t back down.

Alice, the character from Lewis Carroll’s “Alice Through the Looking Glass.”

  • Do you know what I love about Alice? She didn’t curl up into a ball in the “new” world she found herself in and refuse to move, instead she moved forward into it, exploring, questioning, looking, and ultimately embracing its uniqueness. She is curious and likes to get new knowledge, new understanding, greater awareness. She doesn’t just take someone’s word for it, she seeks to find her own experience. She too, like the others, is her own person with her own strength and convictions that will not be compromised. She is loyal to those she loves. She is friendly and kind. She looks at the world around her and desires to make it better. Alice believes. I love that the most.

Obviously there ARE characteristics of these people which are NOT like me, but I’m looking at the similarities and the qualities about them that I admire and desire to “claim” so to speak – the ideal.

There was something about this “challenge” that I really liked. It helped me look inside of myself and truly attempt to “define” for a moment, who I am. It might seem silly and little and inconsequential (I didn’t take it TOO seriously of course) but looking at who you are and your journey and how you define that really is interesting.

AND I had a hard time at first! It was tough to narrow it down and even think of characters! I think I could take longer and come up with different ones. I probably won’t … but it DID make for a nice and interesting evening activity. (WAY better than sitting and watching tv!)


If you could describe yourself in 3 fictional characters who would you choose and WHY?

Who you are, who you wish to be, what you admire in others … these can all be the same! Just focus on those attributes which you think are beautiful, strong, and desirable, and then embrace them in your life. Cultivate them if you don’t believe you currently have them. Look at the qualities in others and look for ways to integrate them into your own experience.

You can be who you want to be. You can claim ANY beautiful qualities that you desire if you want to. Just choose who you want to be and then go for it. Become that person.

Aim high and be the “hero” of your story!

honorthismoment. – #100somethings – 9/100

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