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120 | Have Courage, Dear Heart

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When faced with circumstances that are not what you would choose, courage comes in and gives you the power to change them.

You do not have to live in a spot that is unhealthy, unhappy, and not what helps you grow or brings you joy.

Dare to dream and hope for a different way. Have courage! Believe that things CAN change, that you CAN do it differently, and that you are not “stuck” with what is before you.

Courage is a dream fulfiller. It tells you “You CAN do this! You have GOT this! Keep going. Dream big. Look beyond the circumstances and hold that dream!”

Believe in the potential that exists in the “unseen” world and know that you can make that world seen if you have the courage to step outside of what you know and see into the world of light.

Your world is of your own making. Your world is shaped and altered by your perspective, your thoughts and

your beliefs. If you believe you can, you will – there is not other outcome possible. YOUR belief calls forth the reality.

It takes courage to believe things can be different than they seem, but in that courage you understand that your potential is infinite and limitless and you only have to keep moving forward one step at a time into that potential.

Have courage. Embrace that feeling within you and use it to direct every step you take. When you do that your world WILL change.

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