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134 | Warning! Stop! Not That Way!

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I think imagining is SO important, not only for kids, but for ALL of us. When we imagine it opens up a world of possibility where ANYTHING can be. Doing this, I believe, unlocks new realities to us that are only available in this way.

Sometimes I like to imagine that there is a pristine bright “room” in my heart.

(Within me is bigger than outside of me, you know. The further and deeper “IN” I go, the roomier and greater and broader the “space” is. It’s like within my heart is the universe, and in that expanse of space there is a place that my “higher self” resides.)

In this room there is a desk that Higher Self sits at. On the desk there is a book. The pages of the book are full of words that swirl and glow with MAGIC. I see Higher Self write with a pen that is FULL of energy. This energy goes from Higher Self into the pen onto the pages of the book. Whatever is written within the pages of this book is.

Higher Self, I imagine, knows ALL. My higher self is wise and kind and loving and peace filled and desires to put those things into the world. Higher Self only writes those things in the book that will allow me to grow into that “higher self” perspective. So ALL that is within the book is filled with magic and life.

I imagine that as I connect to that higher self perspective, I am connected to the words of the book that bring me life and healing and love and wisdom and GROWTH. When I align with Higher Self and the words of the book, I am filled with peace. The well being flows because it is my vibration MATCHING the vibration of the book … and that is the vibration of the universe within me.


I imagine that as Higher Self (HS) is writing the book, there are certain ways for HS to help me align to the “frequency” or “vibration” of the words on those pages. When I’m aligned I have that peace and well being. Life flows effortlessly. I learn. I grow. I am inspired. These are the ways I can know that I am matching the vibration of the universe.

When I am NOT aligned, HS has given me some “tools” to help me see that. Every time I am out of alignment, I imagine that HS initiates some type of “gauge” within me to help me understand I’m not matching the book. The moment my vibration doesn’t match up with the HS, there is a “negative” response within me … like a dissonance, or a resistance.

This dissonance is like a red flashing light saying “STOP! PAUSE! LOOK AT WHAT YOU’RE THINKING-DOING-SAYING!” It acts as a way for me to understand that I’m not in alignment with my highest flow of inspiration. When I understand that there is this help for me, it allows me to see everything that comes into my awareness as a teacher.

Is it peaceful inspiration, loving expression, healing easy lightness? Then keep doing it! Keep thinking along these lines. Keep going this way. This is alignment!

Is it hard and full of struggle? Is there a dissonant resistant energy? Do I feel unworthy, unlovable, not able, small? Am I angry and overwhelmed? All of these are HS’s way of telling me that I am NOT in alignment! And it’s my way to understand that I should stop, pause for a moment, and become aware of what I’m thinking-doing-saying that doesn’t match the flow of the universe within me.

I imagine that HS is sparking these “gauges” within me and just hoping that I’ll get the message so I can use them to refocus on my alignment.

Every time I am aware of FLOW, the easy light filled peace spot, HS is thinking “YES! She sees. She feels it. She gets it. Keep going! We got this!”

And every time I am sparked with the out of alignment gauge, HS is just sitting there thinking “See this. Use it! It’s FOR your benefit! I know you can use this! We got this!”


When I’m aware of these helps for me, HS is joyfully responding to MY response and the whole of the universe is brightened.

I imagine the moments that I’m out of alignment HS is hitting that red flashing “WARNING! STOP!” button just to help ME. Those moments that there is dissonance are there to help me see more clearly. The peace is alignment. Absence of peace is NOT ALIGNMENT (the warning button). When there is an absence of peace all I need to do is acknowledge that absence and then LOOK FOR THE PEACE.

The moment I’m connected back into the peace I will FEEL it. It will spark the well being, ease, inspiration and flow within me and I will know it.

Higher Self is my ally. My friend. My helper. My inspirer – the author of my story. But when I understand the universe within me, I see that the author and I are one … we are the same, and so it’s not that I’m aligning with something outside of me that is writing a story I’m meant to find and become …it’s that I’m connecting to the story of my soul. And that is within me. And there is a perfectly loving energy that is helping me connect to that “soul space” that calls forth the person I desire to be.

I imagine the higher self energy within that pristine and bright room in my heart to be rooting me on continually. And when I see that I’m not in alignment with the story of the book of life within me, HS is SO excited! Because when I see that I’m not aligned I can CHOOSE to realign! That moment I am aware that there is something “off” … something not quite right – a dissonance – I am able to choose a different path. And ME, choosing a different more aligned peace filled path, is like stepping into a new reality where I am perfectly living the life my HS has “created” for me.


Every moment there is a path to peace. I only need to look for it and go that way. When I make a choice that wasn’t that peace filled aligned way? I say, “OK! I did NOT like that! That felt TERRIBLE. But that feeling of dissonance is HS’s way of guiding me to peace. And so let’s see what I did-thought-said that didn’t align with the peace that I know is available. Hmm … Look over there … see that? That was the moment I chose to step out of alignment. Ok. I will try not to do THAT again. All right. I’m back on track. Ah … there is the peace. I’m moving forward!”

This. Do this continually. Over and over and over. Be aware of how you feel. What “gauge” is being sparked within you. Peace or absence of peace. When there’s peace continue forward! When there’s absence look for the thing that was out of alignment and acknowledge it, see where you can learn a lesson from it, and move forward in the knowledge that you now know more than you did.

This, I imagine, is ALL going on within me every moment of the day. I picture it sometimes. I forget about it sometimes. I wholly believe it ALL the time. And I look for the gauges every moment I’m able to be aware enough to do so.

And when there are moments that I’m very aware and open, I feel so incredibly grateful I’m able to imagine and SEE in this way. It’s helpful to me. It guides me. It’s a gift, that’s for sure.

honorthismoment – #100somethings – 32/100

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