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184 | When Lightning Strikes

For the past few days I have been really diving deep into the “inner world” of Honor. And I am doing this for many reasons, the main reason being that I want to grow. Ignoring things that come up doesn’t allow me to grow, and I have been, in the past, good at ignoring all the stuff. (you know the stuff … the triggers, the frustrations, the lessons that keep coming and coming that you can’t quite seem to “figure out”)

I am now ready to look, to acknowledge, to become aware, and to allow all of that new insight and wisdom to propel me forward.

I have a “theme song” this week for my journey. It is Ayla Nereo’s Tightrope Walker. (watch the video of that song here.) One of the lines in the song talks about lighning striking. This part of the song has run over and over in my mind the past few days. And last night as I was thinking about it I found myself very curious about the significance of lightning striking and what that might symbolize.

I found a few interesting thoughts: (taken from this article Symbolic Meaning of Lightning by Avia Venefica)

For example, the Celts acknowledged lightning as huge juju. In fact, they established sacred spaces wherever they witnessed lightning strike. Wherever lightning struck, that was the spot of the sacred, the holy, the point-of-contact that signified connection with unfathomable power. These lightning-kissed spots became places of worship, honor and reverence.


Chinese wisdom designates the symbolic meaning of lightning with fertility. This has to do with lightning and its affiliation with nourishing rains. The Tao Te Ching, a sacred philosophical text, speaks of lightning in terms of fertility, to quote: “The powerful lightning bolt clings to the cloud to turn it to rain. It opens the womb and soon there will be the birth of new life.” This refers to the regenerative power of rain initiated by the lightning bolt. Rain of course is a prime agricultural requirement, so lightning was a blessing and an occasion for celebration in this culture.


Many of you already know Zeus is associated with a lightning bolt. In this cultural arena (Greek), the symbolic meaning of lightning deals with strength, as well as intellect and ‘bright ideas’. The Greeks also held lightning as a symbol of intuition and spiritual illumination. This concept deals with the union of fire and water. Two seemingly opposite elements join together to create a phenomenal interaction. The Greeks recognized that kind of combustion within the human psyche. Have you ever had an idea or a problem and discover the oddest solution/answer to it? Those moments go ‘kapowie!’, don’t they? From ‘out of the blue‘ something crops up and allows us to move forward. This is akin to the epiphany-provoking, inspiration-conjuring bolt of lightning Zeus wielded.

blue body of water with orange thunder

Photo by Johannes Plenio on

I learn then that lighting can be a symbol of illumination, inspiration, new life, and sacred holy ground.

This really speaks to me. Especially at this time of looking inward and shining light on the spaces within … sometimes it can feel like a destructive process. As when lighting strikes, there is an explosion. There may be bits and pieces strewn all over. Even smoke and ashes. And yet, from all of that, illumination, inspiration, and NEW LIFE.

I don’t know about you, but I have found it incredibly healing to accept all the parts that exist within me. The scared abandoned little girl, the hurting child, the confused teenager, and even the broken women … these all exist within. There are other aspects too, but pretending like these aren’t there has not brought me peace. Acknowledging what IS there has been my path to peace.

I get to allow the lightning to strike. And then I get to stand in that holy space and pick up the pieces of a newly illuminated world. In this new world there is greater space and lighter energy and brighter skies and a fully integrated wholeness that couldn’t exist until all the parts and pieces came in and had their moment.

The lightning NEEDED to come and strike down the blinders I held so close that didn’t actually have to be there. I didn’t know that I was already whole and didn’t need to hide from parts of me. I didn’t see that those places I feared were doorways into expansion. I didn’t understand and perceive the capacity I have to be soft and strong and flowing and immovable and how all I have experienced plays so beautifully and perfectly into the majesty that is this being-ness.

Everything is as it should be. There is perfection in the brokenness and the wholeness and all that is between the two. It is a unity that is sacred and cannot be shaken, even when the lightning strikes.

Today I honor Honor. And I understand, more deeply than I have before, that when the lightning (the flashes of emotions, inspiration, crumbling paradigms) comes, I get to rejoice in that moment; for I see a little clearer and I grow a little more every time there’s “destruction.” It is sacred ground underneath and beyond that destruction.

Destruction isn’t really what we think it is anyway. It is merely shining light on a piece of you that you think is one thing, when in actuality it is another. It is an undoing. An unfolding. And when the old is illuminated you see it for what it truly is. It can no longer stay in your awareness as what you thought it was, the small place you feared so greatly, so it is “destroyed” yes, but in a peaceful gentle way that brings in light and love and wholeness like never before.


You see it for what it IS. It is YOU. And you are lovelier than a perfect drop of summer dew resting on the velvet petal of a newly formed flower. That perfection exists in ALL of us. And I am seeing it more clearly every day.

TODAY, I am appreciating the lightning that strikes within me, and those moments of newly illuminated truth. It is fresh air and breathes new life into spaces that have LONGED for relief.

When lightning strikes within … pay attention.

~Honor, this moment.

P.S. I am absolutely NOT suggesting for anyone to actually attempt to be struck by lightning. Actual electrical lightning would seriously harm you. Please do not do that. I am using a metaphor! Lightning, in this case is symbolic. I know you know that, but I had to say it. The need for disclaimer in this sometimes crazy world is real. 😉


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