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117 | Here’s the Truth:

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“Growth is called forth when you’re open enough to understand you know nothing.”

Here’s the truth: I know nothing. I don’t have it all figured out. In fact, the only thing I DO know is that I don’t know. And do you know what I’ve learned? That the more I learn, the more I realize I know even less than I thought.

Here’s the truth: If you think you know something, then you’re not open to more.

If you think your knowledge is full and complete and done and that’s the end of it, then you’re not open to learning greater things.

If you think you’re full, you don’t understand that there is an endless flow of understanding and growth that can be opened up to you the moment you accept your unknowingness and your limited perspective.

If you think you are certain then there is not room within you for greater things. You’ve said to the universe, “this is the most I will accept. I’m certain. I know it all. I know this it. I cannot be wrong.” In doing so, you limit your potential. Why? Because you’re not able to receive more if you believe you have it all. There IS not more in certain “knowledge” there’s just that knowledge. Not more. Not greater. Not expanding.

Does a baby or a toddler take what you say one day – what they’re taught and what they learn – and then close up and not ask another question ever? No. The childlike attitude is to ask 1000 questions a day. Every day. Asking and asking and more asking. (as a parent, I can attest to this truth. There is an unlimited supply of wondering and questioning going on here.)

It’s not as if you can’t know something, it’s just understanding that the more you learn, the more you realize you don’t actually know anything. What you think today can and will alter and shift and expand. When you receive greater understanding you find that there is always more that you can’t see, can’t perceive, haven’t even fathomed, and you understand your limitations and see your veiled perceptions. You start to see that eternal progress – infinite potential – is ever increasing, ever expanding and there is not an end point, a finality, a limit to what is available.

I remember believing I really had it all down. I KNEW it. (HA! what a closed off and NOT open mind I had!) And do you know what happened? I asked one little question, and that led to another, and another, and pretty soon it was very apparent to me that I knew nothing and the more I received the more I understood that there is always a “greater truth” to be made known and I cannot stop asking if I want greater understanding, greater truth, greater wisdom, greater peace.

I learned that my “knowledge” was so very limited and that it included a LOT of biases and opinion and made up stuff. My mind is an excellent “creator” and because that is so, when I applied my most excellent “creative skills” with my limited perspective I got a lot of limited understanding. And I thought I knew it all. And I thought I had the whole thing figured out.

I was seriously mistaken.

I do not have it all figured out. I am the first person to admit that I know nothing. What I understand today WILL change. For sure. That is the ONLY thing I know. I understand that the pattern has been that I ask, and I receive and I’m open and things are WAY different than I suspected or thought but the greater understanding I receive actually makes WAY more sense than what my limited perspective was understanding and the NEW greater understanding is relieving and joyful and FULL of peace and freedom!

And so I continue asking. I ask and ask and ASK the universe. Like a toddler who’s learning and growing, I ask 1000 questions a day. I never stop asking. And then I’m open. That is all I can really truly do. I can ask and be open to receiving. I can acknowledge that I don’t have a clue and that my perception will continually change but that is what growth does, it changes and alters and broadens and expands understanding.

Today I am open. I keep repeating this to myself every day. “Today I am open. This day I am open to receiving.” And then I watch as I am guided and inspired and receive answers to questions that have been on my mind. It’s magic. And it’s available to every one who asks.

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