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114 | What IS Peace?

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I’ve mentioned the past few days the “key” to peace (or happiness, or joy, or lightness, or relief, or … etc etc … fill in the blank) :

  1. Identify the things that give you peace
  2. Embrace ONLY those things

So HOW do you identify the things that are peace for you?

Well … what IS peace?

Definition of peace: a state of tranquility and quiet : freedom from disturbance : freedom from disquieting or oppressive thoughts or emotion : harmony in personal relationships : a quiet and calm state of mind : synonyms include – harmony, calm, quiet, serenity, tranquility, heartsease, contentment, ease, comfort, relief, solace, restfulness, stillness, fellowship, unity, connection, oneness, understanding, sweetness and light

All of these words really paint a picture don’t they?

The picture isn’t a “one size fits all” kind of picture, but each person who attempts to define and identify peace in their life will have their own unique idea and “formula” of peace that will be their OWN brand of peace.


Peace could be church every Sunday and quiet Sabbath days at home.

Peace could be hiking in the woods as often as one is able.

Peace could be playing the piano or singing or listening to inspiring music.

Peace could be sitting on a mountain top meditating in a cave.

Peace could be giving to those in need, or serving the world around you, or inspiring those within your influence, or writing, or playing, or being with people you love and just relaxing.

Whatever it looks like, find it, embrace it, and watch as it expands in your life and you begin to see MORE of it.


The cool thing about your peace is that it is yours. No one can tell you you’re feeling your peace wrong. No one can say that your peace isn’t right and you should embrace their peace. Peace is peace and it is what sparks that energy within you that is your peace.

Embrace your peace. Love it. Look at it. Expand upon it. Focus on it. Enjoy it. REALLY feel it. If you don’t know peace, begin to look at the things in your life that are similar to any of the definition of words that are used to describe what peace is like.

Is there some aspect of your life that is easy? Why is it easy? What about that thing do you love?

Is there some part of your life that when it comes, is relieving? What about it relieves you?

Is there something you experience that always makes you smile and you just feel happy? Like that heart bursting happiness that you cannot contain?



As soon as you begin to identify peace in your life, as you look for it, you will begin to notice it more and more. It’s like that thing where you want to buy a new car and you start to look at the kind of car you want and pretty soon the car you’re thinking about is EVERWHERE on the road, you can’t stop seeing it. The amount of that car being on the road hasn’t changed, only your focus has. Looking and thinking about that car has brought out your “sensitivity” to that car and now you see it all the time. The same principle happens when you’re newly pregnant … you see pregnant people everywhere. Or if you’re thinking about cutting your hair super short … pretty soon you see beautiful women with really cute short hair cuts all over the place.

What you focus on EXPANDS in your life! You see more of it everywhere!


Can you see how focusing on only the things that spark peace within you would really create a more fulfilling, lighter, brighter happier life?

It works. I promise it does. Don’t take my word for it though (ah … the old “Reading Rainbow” challenge. Classic.) … find out for yourself.

Identify the things in your life that spark peace within you. And then just start embracing those. (look at them, be aware of them, focus on them, feel gratitude for them, love them, expand upon them – try to have MORE of them)

“Energy flows, where focus goes.” Try it and watch it happen!

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