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141 | My Peace Filled Yoga

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I just finished 45 minutes of yoga. Deep breathing. Stretching. Flowing movement. I feel more ALIVE after doing this. I feel like the cells of my body are rejuvenated and they’re vibrating at a now quicker and more “vibrant” state.

It’s amazing.

As I live and experience life and look for the things within life that bring peace, I see with greater clarity more and more. I believe it’s because every time I adjust to let a little more peace in, I have “fine tuned” my energy a bit more. And over and over I do this, continually feeling what life has to offer, and choosing to let go of the things that don’t expand my peace, and embracing the things that do.

This process, I believe, is what I would refer to as “enlightenment,” or expanding awareness, or greater wisdom, or broader understanding.

It is a letting go of all the things in life that aren’t helpful, don’t serve me, don’t expand the peace of my beingness, and an embracing of all the things in life that DO help me, that do GROW me, and that expand the peace energy within my being.

Expanding our awareness has nothing to do with our circumstances. I can have peace no matter what my circumstances are. Expanding my awareness DOES change everything, but only because it changes the way I RESPOND to, and PERCEIVE the circumstances in front of me.

My circumstances can remain unchanged, but because I choose to look at them differently, I can have a wholly new world in which I live.

If you’re waiting for your circumstances to change, for you to know peace, I think you’ll be waiting for a long time. Instead of looking for the peace to be BROUGHT to you, why don’t you look for ways to bring peace to YOUR life?

Eliminate all things from your life that aren’t inspiring, that don’t give you greater clarity, and that do not fill you with peace. Everything that isn’t peace and promoting peace and love, and light goes.

And the way to “eliminate” is not necessarily looking for all the stuff you hate, and trying to get rid of it … the way to eliminate, is to embrace all that IS peace and focus only on that.

When you shift your focus onto the things that inspire you, that bring you light and love and rejuvenate the cells of your body, you’re embracing the stuff that matters, the stuff that counts, the things that ARE helping you. Bit by bit you are fine tuning the energy of your being.

Being aware OF your energy and how you feel around certain things is the first step. Look at what you do all day. How do you feel when you do this or that? What makes you feel more annoyed, or anxious or frustrated? What thoughts are you thinking that may be limiting the peace within you? What brings you a sense of inspiration, fun, joy, love, and freedom?

When you’ve identified the things in your life (actions, doing, AND also THOUGHTS!) that ADD to your peace, keep doing those, keep looking at those, keep focusing on ONLY those.

That’s all you have to do. As you do that, naturally the things that aren’t working and that aren’t expanding your peace energy will fall away and no longer have power over you or your perception.

It’s actually a very simple process. It only requires you to be aware of the energy within you and the things you allow to affect that energy. (thoughts, words, beliefs, people, situations, etc.)

Little by little you will see differently, and the things that bring you peace will be more important to you than those that don’t, so you will focus on all that is peace for you and you will see that as you do that the peace grows. And the peace is beautiful and energizing and inviting and quiet and calm and EXPANDING. It will SOOTHE you.

As you follow YOUR peace, and see where it leads, your awareness WILL expand and you will see that the peace is ALWAYS available and continues to grow as you do.


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