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158 | 11-11 Gateway

Happy 11 -11 day!
Did you know this is a really big day in numerology? It is considered a “gateway.”

I like to think of a gateway or portal as an opportunity to expand … I see it as the universe giving me the little nudge to “walk” and “move” more wholly into the energy I’ve been moving toward.

Focus on new beginnings, letting the “old” things in your life, that aren’t helping you move forward, go … and embracing “new” things that DO help you and that bring peace to your world.

What intentions are you going to set today at this threshold moment?
When we each come into greater peace, it affects ALL of us. We’re connected. We’re ONE energy … each of us is significant and can make a difference.
We can use this moment (or any moment, for that matter) to breathe in peace, knowing we do it in unity and that strengthens the world.
Happy 11 -11! Make some magic today!




(I am using these ^^ today, in my 11-11 magic!)


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