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107 | Lost With a Flat Tire

To listen to this blog post click here (I need a microphone! Sorry about the hard “P’s” and other abrupt consonants.):


I’m driving around the city. I know I want to go to a specific place … home or somewhere like home; it’s somewhere familiar – somewhere that I know really well. I know how to get there – I know the exact direction and route I need to travel. As I am driving though, I am aware that my tire is getting flatter and flatter the further I travel. I feel worried about this flat tire. I know I need to pull over somewhere to deal with it but I cannot find anywhere to pull over. I just keep driving around and around the city getting further and further from my route to home. I am sort of frustrated. I am sort of stressed. I am very aware of the tire. I keep looking out the driver’s side window at the tire getting lower and lower.

As I drive, I turn corner after corner getting deeper and deeper into this unfamiliar city. These are small one way streets with nowhere to pull over and so I keep turning new corners onto new unfamiliar streets in the hope that the next street will have somewhere to park so I can stop driving on this really flat tire. Distress is present.

I look out my window now and the tire is fully flat – I am driving on the rim and I am feeling very stressed about it. All of those reminders about how it will ruin the car go through my mind. I really don’t like being lost either. Why is this happening? Why am I so far from where I’m supposed to be? It is not familiar here. It is not where I WANT to be. I’m annoyed that I let this happen somehow even though I know the flat tire wasn’t exactly my fault.

Soon, I turn a corner and FINALLY see a spot that I can park in. It is right against the road and there are other cars parked there, but this spot, right in front of a big building is perfectly waiting for me.

I pull over. I park and get out of the car. I walk the few steps to look at this now completely flat tire and sigh. I turn around and look at the building I’ve parked in front of. I decide to go into the building and see if someone can help me.

When I enter the building there is a reception desk and the person sitting there has a list and a head set on. I walk up to the desk and they ask me my name and I give my name and they look on their list and find me listed on it. There’s a conference going on, this moment at this location, that I’ve been scheduled to attend for some time, I find out. I am right on time.

I stand there and realize, with an “aha” feeling that “oh yeah! I AM supposed to be here!” It is an “all of a sudden” “dawning on me” moment; this has been on my schedule for years, I had just forgotten. At this moment, at this time, in this spot I am EXACTLY where I am supposed to be. All the turns and corners and flat tires led me here perfectly, just as they were designed to do. It’s perfection.

This was my dream last night. And as I awoke and tried to put into words what had felt VERY real and VERY enlightening, I realized something: where I am, in this moment, at this time, is exactly where I am “supposed” to be. I haven’t gotten it wrong. I didn’t take a wrong turn. I am here and it’s perfection.

It is easy to go through life and to struggle and fight against all that happens. We think that when we have a flat tire we’ve hit a “hitch” in the plans and if we take an unknown turn we’re off course.

Not so. I do not believe that. I believe that we are each exactly where we’re supposed to be for our greatest maximum potential for learning and growth.

Every turn gives me a new perspective. Every “flat tire” an opportunity to grow. Even when we don’t know “where” we are – when we think we’re lost – we are not lost. We are just in a new spot that’s unfamiliar, so it feels like we’re lost. The Universe knows where we are. God sees us. We can not be lost with that infinite energy leading us on.

Struggling against the unfamiliar turns, only delays our growth and progression. Fighting against those seemingly “sudden” flat tires, worrying about what IS, imagining we’re screwing everything up, thinking that we are on the wrong path and not where we’re supposed to be … these are all illusionary perceptions that do not propel us forward – perceptions of our mind that just don’t allow us to see clearly at the moment.

But guess what? We don’t have to see everything clearly every moment! We can trust in that infinite Universal God energy that DOES know us and DOES lead us perfectly. We can believe and have hope and exercise our faith in that which we cannot see, understanding that it’s got our back. It’s working for us. All the turns, twists, corners, and “flat tires” are leading us perfectly to where we can learn, grow, experience life and joy and “become” who we clearly are.

I have spent a great deal of time worrying about all the things I cannot control and imagining to be so “off course” of my desired destination that I am somehow flubbing up this life I’ve been given.

You know what? Life is NOT a destination! Life is a journey and all the experiences that we have are moments of learning potential, moments of joy potential, moments of growth, moments of remembrance, moments of clarity, moments of compassion, moments of …. there is a limitless list that we can experience and every one of these grows us. Every one adds to the “whole” of who each of us is. What I experience here expands me. The things I see as good, the things I see as bad, the things I look upon as happenstance – ALL of it serves me in some way whether I am aware of it or not.

And so, I can choose to embrace what I am experiencing every moment and feel the joy, feel gratitude, look for something that I can learn, look for an opportunity to expand my soul, look for ways to serve others … I can do this in ALL that comes my way. There is always something for me in every experience.

My only “job” then is to look, see, be open, allow, and not struggle against what’s happening. Have faith and hope in the belief that the Universe has got my back.

It certainly opens up a beauty and brilliance to life when you see it in this way. It’s relieving.

I cannot control all things. I cannot determine what circumstances appear on my pathway … but I CAN choose how I see and respond to all that comes to me. Truly, that choice is EVERYTHING and it is what propels us each into the flow of who we truly are.

In my dream the moment I realized I was where I had desired to truly be I felt a lightness and a brightness and had a “laugh at the sky” moment of gratitude. It was truly perfection. I had struggled in vain and that struggle was not necessary. Letting go of the struggle freed me from a burden upon my back that I hadn’t realized was there. This perspective was lighter and easier and JOYFUL!

I love the joy. The joy is what expands us after all.

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