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I’m full tonight.  Not full of food.  Not full of annoyance and frustration. Tonight I’m filled with love. I feel like it’s spilling out of me and I really really like it.

My day was awesome.  The weather was gorgeous (for Washington in the winter), I had a nice visit with my sister-in-law, I cleaned edf03617b8655efa59567feed5aa1c69the house, I was able to go walking outside twice (8 miles!), and I received witness after witness of the beauty and peace that exists when I listen to inspiration.

There is something that I learned a while ago.  It’s that when inspiration comes, to listen and jump.  When you listen, then it’ll come more often.  If you ignore it, it starts coming less and less until you hardly hear that inspired voice within you.

When you feel inspired to do something, act. Immediately.  Do what you feel you’re being lead to do.  If it brings good “fruit” … (I talk about this term often … the fruit is what is born from the action.  Good fruit is a witness that what you did was inspired.  Love, unity, happiness, fulfillment, joy, peace, etc.  Bad fruit would be like my last night … frazzled, frustration, anger, worry, resentment, guilt, shame, judgment, etc.  Look for the fruit!  It’s the witness.) so if the fruit is good then you know the inspiration was right for you in that moment.  It’s part of the “guidance system” within you that is helping you become your most authentic divine self.

I listened to inspiration in my life.  I jumped head first into that guidance and acted upon the inspiration, in faith that it would bear good heart-shape-fruit-psd-templatesfruit.  I didn’t KNOW if it would, I HOPED it would.  And so, without knowledge of the outcome, I acted in faith (hope and belief!) that the inspiration was good for me.  I believed it was divine inspiration based upon previous learning and experience.  And in acting in faith, I received the witness of the action.  The fruit.

And it has been good fruit.  It is peace, and love, and unity, and witnesses of the “divine” light.

None of us can ever know for certain, what acting upon the inner voice, the intuition, the inspiration, will lead to.  We can only go off of previous experience.  If, previously, it’s been positive, then we can believe that it will be the same again and again.  As the inspiration usually comes from the same source.

Is it possible that the source could change?  Yes.  It very well could.  That is why the fruit is important.  Looking at the fruit is the way to gauge if it’s “good” or “bad” for you at the time.  How do you FEEL?  Do you feel happier?  More loving?  Lighter?  Kinder? Forgiving and joyful?  Is peace present?  Those are good fruits that propel you forward into beauty and love energy.

And then there are the “bad” fruits.  (I don’t love the “good/bad” terms … because some things can be good for me and bad for you, or vice versa.  So there isn’t judgment in those 2017_214129568741880_572453563_n4terms that is universal and final, they’re just the words I have to describe what I’m trying to convey.)  You have you OWN gauge within you. You can only follow what is YOUR soul guiding YOU.  So you listen to your gauge and you look at YOUR fruit.

Bad fruit for your life would be judgment, fear, shame, anger, frustration, regret, and a myriad of other things that don’t help you grow into beauty.  They stagnate your progression.

The cool thing is that you are MEANT to determine if it’s right for you.  This is the judgment that Jesus described when He came to teach us … we are meant to judge if something gets us closer to the light or not.  If it feels like confusion and angst and not relieving, you can use that as a teacher to turn you toward the relief.  The relief (love, joy, peace) is the inspired direction for you. And only you can decide that for yourself.  The gauge in you is as uniquely designed as you are.  So your perfect path and existence will be tailored exactly to what YOU need to grow and flourish and remember that you are love.

No one else can determine your divinely designed role.  That is for you to discover on your own.  It’s WITHIN you already, you just have to remember it.  Pay close attention to the gauge within you … some people call it the holy spirit, some call it your intuition, some call it God, some call it the universe … the name doesn’t matter.  What matters is that you follow what it is telling YOU.  Not what it is telling your brother or your friend or that person who wrote that book you love.  It is individual guidance divinely designed for each soul.  So only you can determine what your guidance gauge is saying.15036686-il_fullxfull_562152431_fdyu

Listen carefully.  Listen daily.  Listen hourly even.  There is a CONSTANT stream if you want it and it WILL bear good fruit when you act in faith upon the inspiration.  You get to choose in everything.  You choose to listen, you choose to believe, you choose to act, and you choose to watch for the witnesses that are guiding you to love or lovingly steering you in another direction.  It’s ALL out of love and care for your well being.  Believe that.

The peace is so beautiful when it fills you up.  It is like a perfect day of beauty.  There is moment after moment of “my cup runneth over” and even though the kids were CRAZY tonight (I think they may have had some sort of super energy drink or something) and I didn’t get a shower for the third day in a row (I won’t tell you how often that happens), and I had to rewash the load of towels that I let sit too long in the washer, and after 8 miles of walking my “7 children born” hips were sore … the feeling of the moment is full.

And it’s a lovely “full” to behold.



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  1. Just this morning while at the gym, I was talking with a dear friend about things going on in her life, and then our conversation shifted to fruit and the fruit she has been noticing in herself lately. The fruit being born really is a good indicator for us.


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