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159 | My Open Eyes

I’m sitting in my quiet morning house. I just meditated. Sometimes my meditation feels really opening and high energy. Sometimes my meditation feels frustrating and cluttered.

I have noticed that it is an ever changing and expanding “practice.” As I do it consistently, I have more of the spacious quickening moments than the other.

Consistency seems to be the key for so much. It doesn’t matter if it’s amazing or you feel like you failed, just be consistent and begin again the next time. Understand that the unlocking of expansion happens when you “prove” you will continue no matter what. 

I don’t believe you have ANYONE to prove to … you don’t have to show someone outside of you that you’re worthy to go through the next door … rather, you’re moving the old energetic ways to make room for the new. 

When you keep going forward, no matter what, you’re “saying” through your consistent movement, that you really do want this. You really do desire expansion. You really ARE committed to blasting through every stuck latent energy to make space for the unknown. 

And when you keep moving forward into the unknown, you do receive. You see new perspectives. You witness miracles. You broaden your senses. You enlighten your mind. You experience things that bring in a sense of wonder and that expand your awareness beyond what you’ve known. 

There isn’t an actual thing you have to do to receive this expansion; it’s really simply about the movement of your energy and your desire to expand. When you make space, it is always filled. And it is always filled with “Universe stuff,” if you’re open and moving. 

Meditation is helpful. Simple awareness in whatever you’re doing is helpful. I have found a great amount of peace in just watching the moment, with that “behind the scenes” awareness. 

Whatever the moment is, I can take a breath, bring my awareness into the spacious timeless place, and experience this moment through that energy. 

And when I do that, I have more peace; which allows me to see more clearly, hear more easily, feel more deeply, and understand what is REALLY being witnessed. 

It isn’t the circumstance, it is a unity of energy. When I meet another, I am really meeting myself … we are all one. And when I see with those eyes, my response to all of it is joy and understanding and upliftment and connection. 

That’s the awareness behind EVERYTHING. Every moment. Every contact. Every thought. Every feeling. It is all one. 

This quiet morning, days before Thanksgiving, I am thankful and grateful and appreciate that which IS. We are all that. And it is beautiful when seen in the light. 


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  1. Beautiful post. Meditating is definitely something I need to work on. I have a very hard time with my mind drifting when I am trying to be in that quiet place lol but your post has inspired me to keep working on it. It is the only time I get back to that place where I really feel like I’m having a true conversation with Diety.

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