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96 | The Plain Girl and Her Power

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Every so often I think about what it would be like to have a DIFFERENT life. If I had made different choices where would I be? What would I be doing? Would I be happy? Would I feel fulfilled?

Sometimes I wonder what it would be like to go on an adventure. Maybe travel to far away countries and meet people of different cultures. I imagine climbing the mountains in Peru or hiking through the Himalayas. I picture the people I would meet and how it would feel to be somewhere completely different and doing something I’ve never done before. I can see myself breathing in new air and smiling at the new views I would behold.

Sometimes I wonder what it would be like if I didn’t have 7 kids. I wonder if I would feel freedom or loneliness. I wonder if my life would be as fun as it is now. I wonder if I would be bored with all the time I would have to myself or if because I wouldn’t know any better, I would just use my time differently and think it very normal.

I remember as a little girl wondering what it would be like to be a princess … how many books I read about little princesses! Even as a teenager there were so many stories of girls finding out they were not who they thought they were and discovering an inner power they never knew they had. Sure, in the stories the girls were fairies or princesses or elves or “special” in some way, but they were fun to read and imagine.

Now, as an adult, I still imagine different lives and what it would be like. I read a book about another person and think, “what would it be like to have that life?”


Maybe we always use our minds in this way, to imagine different scenarios and views and perspectives. It’s “creative” and I think it is just our nature to create.

I look at the world I see today and I look at what I have learned and the ways I have grown. There is so much MORE than I imagined. I DO have more power than I ever realized. If someone had read the story of who I am today to me 10 years ago, it would go something like this:

Once upon a time there was a girl. She was a very plain regular girl. She lived, she seemed happy, she was normal. She did all the things regular girls did. She lived in the way regular girls lived.

One day she decided to look outside of what she knew. It felt scary and uncertain as she stepped outside of the “regular” way. She was nervous, no one else was doing it, but she pressed forward hoping to learn something new.

And she did. She learned and discovered she was NOT who she thought she was. She was powerful. She had the ability to change her world. She could think about something and it would come into her life. She could focus on joy and she would receive joy. She could focus on love and she would know only love. She could choose to see beauty and beauty would come into her experience.

She began to realize that she could CREATE her world and in that power, she had this peace and joy she never knew before. She was not just a plain regular girl, she was a powerful SPECIAL girl. And she knew that everyone else had this power too, so she made it her mission to help the world see that they too could create a world of beauty and peace.

It was challenging because most people thought she was crazy, they didn’t understand why she would not want to do the regular things … but because her mind had grown and her understanding had expanded she couldn’t go back into the regular box – she had to stay outside of it hoping others would see and come and know the power they had within them.

This story IS like all the stories I read as a girl, except it has one difference … it is true.

I DO know the power that lies within me and it is the SAME power that lies in each of us. It is unique, it is creative, it is who each of us was born to be. Yeah, we haven’t known this, it’s like we have forgotten who we are. But it’s there lying dormant underneath all the “normal.”

No you are not normal. You are divine! You are SPECIAL! You are unique and beautiful and amazingly powerful. You are, I am, each of us is in our own way. TOGETHER we are even MORE than we can imagine and fathom.

Can you imagine the power ONE person who knows who they are has? One little person who knows peace can affect everyone in their life. And as they affect those around them, and as they bring peace into their little world, all of those in their influence are affected for good. It ripples out from one to many to many more to the world.

Now imagine the power that 10 of us has, or 100, or 1000 … when we are all acting as ONE … in love, in peace, in unity – there is harmony … there is nothing that can’t be accomplished. We can change the world as we focus on bringing about peace in the world. And that is how we change the world … we wake up one person at a time to their power and divinity that lies within them.

I don’t know that I can ever change anyone’s mind by telling them what I believe. I don’t believe anything I say can make another think differently than they already think. I can’t “debate” another person into believing how I believe, I can’t “talk” another into thinking how I think … I believe the power I hold lies in the life I live and the “fruit” that comes from my being.

One of the things that I have learned is that actions speak louder than words, that each person has their own unique journey, that everyone has different needs and different timing in their life, and that the ONLY thing I can truly do is to live 100% authentically to what I believe.


The energy of my being is the way I can bring change to the world. That is it. As I live love, love is given more space in the world. As I live peace, peace becomes the “way” around me. As I offer healing, healing is present. My power lies in MY thoughts, MY actions, MY giving, MY energy. But in those, I AM able to change the world through always offering my ALL for goodness, light, truth, peace, love, and unity.

I see today that I AM living a brilliant adventure. Every day is a new view. Every moment a new horizon. Every thought another potential for a breath of something I haven’t known before. There is brilliance and joy and expansion around EVERY corner and I have the power to choose it, to see it, to embrace it, and to offer it to the world so others can see that it exists.

I AM powerful. I AM able to create change. I DO have everything I need to create a world of love and light.

And if I do, so do you. Look for it within you … there is a hidden power that is WAITING to be revealed to your awareness and in it you will see that you are divine and that divinity gives you the power to change your world – in that power the adventure awaits.

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  1. Right on! I have often been frustrated by the futility of words. Facts and the words that describe facts mean nothing in a world driven my emotion. Having truth written upon our hearts allows us to become a living witness of truth beyond words. I need to do this!

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