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180 | Kindness Counts

Here’s the thing, we never know what people are going through. And it may be with a smile on their face they’re going through the hardest moment they’ve ever experienced. But it’s behind closed doors. Or even within the walls of their own beingness.

I believe our only job is to love. To be kind. To ease burden.

I personally, have many challenges I NEVER talk about. You would have no idea. I don’t show you. From the outside looking in, it might appear that I have nothing to worry about.

And I don’t mention them because I’m hiding or ashamed or whatever. I just live my life and go through all the things I go through whilst choosing to maintain a level of hope and brightness. The hope and brightness is what I put forward most because it uplifts ME to do that.

I know I am not the only one.

We all struggle with SOMETHING. No one has “perfect.”

So the answer? Be kind. Everyone is trying their best. And it’s hard.

Choose to believe that your one moment of interaction with everyone you come across will make their entire day.

Because it does. Your kindness can uplift and bolster and boost.

It is powerful.
Today I’m breathing in that energy and extending my peace to all who read this. May, in this moment, peace surround you.

May it be.

~Honor, this moment.

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