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Sixty. Peace Flows.


What would you say your goal for life is? Do you have one? Do you have an idea of what you’re doing here? Do you feel like you’ve found a purpose for your unique existence?

There’s a children’s toy that is a box with a lid. On the lid are different shaped holes; a circle, a square, a triangle. Inside the box is stored different shaped pieces. The goal of the toy is for the child to fit the pieces into the holes; circle in the circular hole, square in the square hole, triangle in the triangular hole. It’s a very basic puzzle! Babies like to play with this toy, they chew on the pieces, and when they are aware enough, they see that the pieces can fit into the holes and they “clunk” down into the box and it’s fun! c0537a7c262877b8a49a4d17249a35ee

I’ve seen my baby try hard to shove the circle piece into the triangular hole … it doesn’t work obviously. The baby sometimes gets frustrated. As the parent I want to help my child and so at first I show her just how to do it, to try the piece in each hole until she gets one that works. As the baby gets older and even more aware I help less and less so she can learn how to do it herself.

I see this same process in life. We each have a “role,” a spot to fill, a unique shape that only we can fit. It’s like a puzzle really … I have to find my “hole” and click into place there, and when I do I am inspired and in flow with the universe and my “divine” potential.696740

We each grow and develop and progress differently. Life is about learning and the quickest and most direct path to learning what our unique soul is here to learn, is to connect to the SOURCE of existence … that place where inspiration and peace flows and the “burden” of struggling is not there. Connecting to that place is like being a puzzle piece and “clicking” into the only spot that I’ll fit in. It unlocks and opens a door to continual inspiration, peace, love, and FLOW. Until I click into that space, I am “fighting” against my divine potential. I am trying to put a square piece into a round hole. It doesn’t work well. It doesn’t “click” just right and allow the flow to flow freely and unobstructed.

So just HOW do I find that spot that is uniquely mine and “click” into it?

It’s about accepting what IS. What is now? Who am I now? What FEELS like peace? What way do I turn to connect to that peace and keep it flowing in my life?Peace-comes-from-within.Inner-Peace-Quotes-Peace-Of-Mind-Quotes

Peace can be, and should be, used as a gauge to tell you if you’re on the right track or not. When you are at peace, you can know that you’re doing just what you “should” be doing to be on the pathway to connecting to your true potential; the most direct pathway. The peace is the flow … that feeling is how you know you’re connected. When you’re not at peace, it’s like the universe telling you “You’re getting colder. Not that way. Turn around! That isn’t quite right for you!” The absence of peace, when you’re aware enough to see it, tells you that you’re “fighting” against what is meant for you, what is your role, what is your spot. It serves as a witness that you’re trying to fit into a spot that isn’t quite right.monday-quotes-15-inspiring-peace-quotes-4

Peace WILL be present when you’re in flow. Peace will be present when you’ve connected to the space that is YOURS to fill. Peace is the gauge, the witness, the HELP to you to keep you on the right track for YOUR progression.

If you are in a spot where peace is absent, look around and see what you’re doing, what you’re thinking, how you’re “fighting” against your true potential. Where is the negative emotion coming from? Why is there an absence of peace in this moment? As you become aware of the CAUSE of what you’re feeling (And it’s always you … your thoughts, your perception, your worry, your focus, your fear, your response to a situation) you will be able to shift or pivot into a better more relief and peace filled place.keep-calm-and-let-the-universe-flow-in-you

How do you shift focus? How can you pivot into peace?

Pivoting Process:

  • Whenever you feel negative emotion/absence of peace, it is an indicator that you’re focused on something unwanted, or trying to fit a round peg into a square hole.
  • Stop and say “I know what I do not want. This feeling, this “spot” is what I do not want. So what is it that I DO want? How can I shift my focus onto something more relieving … what feels like peace here?” If you’re a praying person, pray and ask God to help guide and inspire you. If you’re a meditating person, be still in that moment and take a deep breath and clear your mind so you can focus. If you’re neither of those, just be very aware of your thoughts and how you feel.
  • Little by little you will redirect your thoughts/vibration to the things you desire, the flow of your potential … the peace.
  • It is not possible to continually give your attention to what you DO want and not receive it, the Law of Attraction guarantees that whatever you predominantly put your attention on comes into your experience.
  • Thoughts are magnetic. Think about what you desire for your experience, think about what would bring peace, think about what feels relieving and joyful, and then as you make those MORE of your thoughts than the other, what you don’t desire, you will receive more of what you DO desire. And it will continue to “snowball” in a positive way from there … “The peace/love/relief thoughts of what I DO want serve me by bringing those experiences into my life.”A_mind_at_peace_a_mind
Big things happen when you to take responsibility for your thoughts, emotions, feelings … when you see that you have a way within you to help you, to guide you, to lead you to your truest potential for your soul, it is freedom! You can choose peace or not! You can choose to pivot your thoughts into a more relieving place, or you can choose to dwell in the negativity.  It truly is up to you.
Begin today to CHOOSE to become more aware of the flow of peace in your life. If you’re at peace, that is exactly where you should be. You are “clicking” into the spot you’re meant to be in. If you’re not at peace? Look at the reason why. If you can learn to be aware of what causes the absence of peace for you, you can learn to pivot and shift into a more peaceful place when the negativity arises.fantastic-inspiring-quotes (3)
It is a learning process. It happens little by little. A little peace today turns into a little more peace tomorrow and wholly peaceful and in flow after that … if you do nothing today, you’re just delaying connecting to the potential within you to change the world … if you begin today? You will see that you DO have the power within you to change the world. You will see that when you’re in flow with your divine potential, you are inspired continually. You are at peace continually. And you are an influence for good continually.thXWGGSUDO
That is my goal. That is my “why” … my unique purpose for being. I exist to do THAT.
I think you do too … follow the peace into the joy that exists in authentic and purposeful living. It will be relieving. It will be joyful. You will be grateful you chose it.

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