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Seventy Four. Spark an Adventure.

and-so-the-adventure-begins-quote-1I grew up in a big family. It was a blended “Yours, Mine & Ours” sort of situation. 5 from my mom, 4 from my step dad, and 1 together. It was always busy, it was usually loud, it required a LOT of food … I liked it. We had a lot of fun.

Occasionally though, I would imagine being an only child. I would read books about girls who had no siblings and wish that was me. And let me tell you, there are SO many books with that particular situation. I don’t know exactly WHAT I desired about that situation except maybe that I wanted to be alone more? Or maybe it was that I wanted ALL the attention. Whatever the reason, I thought it sounded so awesome to be in a different situation than what I was in.

I’ve done that as an adult too. I’m reading a book right now about a woman’s life and I sometimes catch myself thinking as I’m reading, “I want to do that. That would be so amazing.” I see all the choices she’s made and think they’re so interesting and different than the choices I’ve made and I imagine what it would be like to be in a completely different life experience than my own.

Do you do that? If-You-Want-An-Adventure-Take-A-Step-Outside

I look around me occasionally and think, “how did I get here?” It’s crazy how fast you can go through life on auto pilot and when you wake up you realize you didn’t even really know what you were doing. You were just living that life you were “supposed” to live and going with what you were “expected” to do and “taught” to do and now you’re an adult and you’re responsible for a bunch of stuff and how did this happen?! I still feel like I’m 17, I’m an ADULT?! Yikes!

Ah, that is what life is I suspect. It is a journey that sometimes seems like it has a specific destination, and so you go toward that destination and assume you’ll get there and then somewhere along the way something trips you and you are woken up to something inside of you that hadn’t been “active” before … this new spark within you changes the course of your life completely but in this perfectly designed way.

It is all of a sudden brighter and more colorful than before. There are potentials you didn’t even know existed before. There are joys and loves and adventures and freedom and PEACE that you didn’t have before. Sure, “before” seemed fine, and yeah, it was an ok path, but THIS path, this NEW way is ALIVE with a SPARK that is electric and just downright awesome.

Yes, this new way is much more. It is EXPANDED on the old way and is brighter and lighter and greater and more relieving and filled with love and peace than the old way could EVER be. The old way was good … it is what I chose and it was obviously important and necessary to help me get here, but I’m grateful that I tripped. I’m grateful that the shift “sparked” something within me and a new fire, a new potential, a new LIFE came alive and was born out of the old way.

I didn’t even realize before how much I was just surviving and living and not growing and not learning and not progressing … there wasn’t much MOVEMENT. But NOW, in this new way of living there’s movement and it’s obvious to see. Things have CHANGED and it was awkward and uncomfortable and unfamiliar but I stuck it out and now it’s brilliant and fantastic and beautiful. Life-Is-An-Adventure

Yes, life is an interesting journey.

I really believe that to love your life you must OWN what it is – OWN the choices you’ve made. It is important to recognize that YOU are the creator of what your life is and if you don’t love it, you CAN change it!

You want an adventure?! Go on one! Travel to Africa, go take a class you’ve never taken before, make new friends who are different than you, go explore a city near you that you don’t live in … find something in your life that is new and different and MAKE it an adventure!

You want peace? Connect to the stillness within you. Take up yoga or meditation. Make a zen garden. Take a walk everyday by yourself and just think. Make some aspect of your busy life still through slowing down and turning off and just being.

Anything can be yours if you desire it and work toward it with FAITH that it will be. Don’t you dare give up on your dreams either … you HOLD those dreams in the front of your thoughts and KNOW they will happen, that you WILL succeed and you wait and work and EXPECT it to come. And you keep working toward your goal with that knowledge that it will happen until you see it happen.

The world is open to you. You can be who you want to be … there isn’t a label stuck to you that can’t be removed and remarked with a new label. Or, you don’t even NEED a label! Just be whoever you feel is within you to be! Explore the world and SEE what is out there and find what fills you with peace and fulfillment and do THAT. Teach the kids in your life to do that too … don’t settle for the auto pilot way of living … you should have a SPARK within you that guides you to what your soul is calling you do to, the things that will bring your soul that enlivening FIRE and LIFE that is so peace giving.

Find those things. Try different things until you find what you LOVE. There is no age limit, there is no experience limit, there is no “too many kids” limit (I should know … I have 7) … there is no life experience that is too much or too little of ANYTHING to be open to and able to change. Anyone can do anything if they desire it, if they work for it, and if they believe that they can.

If you feel sad, tired, lifeless inside, lack spark, need energy, feel like you’re on auto pilot are not moving or changing or seeing new life … if there is an ABSENCE that you FEEL in your heart … please understand and know that YOUR fulfillment makes you a better everything. When you are filled you are a better parent, sister, daughter, brother, uncle, aunt, worker, singer, artist, boss, baker, neighbor, human etc.. Every aspect of your life will be brighter and more fulfilling and the inspiration will flow more freely for ALL of your life when you fill those needs within you.

It doesn’t take a lot of money, it doesn’t have to take a lot of time … it takes a mind that is open to change and a little inspiration. That’s it. -an-adventure

Life is meant to be lived and loved and you are MEANT to have JOY that expands that FIRE for life within you that only grows. You can come alive and follow the joy into that beautiful love and peace that is for all of us. Be open to change, look for ways to fill the holes that exist and know that if you don’t know WHAT would fill you, compassion for others and service to others is ALWAYS a good one to start with. Giving opens the way to receiving.

When you are full, when you are on fire for life, when you are joyful, EVERY aspect of your life is easier and flows with a stream of inspiration and it is amazing to be alive. Do something new today and expect it to be AMAZING!

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