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Twenty Four. I am Peace.

peace-of-god-3I have to say … peace is SO inviting.  It feels awesome and it is impossible to have peace and not be in love with life.

Life is full of AMAZING!  Life is full of JOY!

I have heard it expressed that people put their “happy life” onto social media and out to the world, but no one is like that all of the time.  I have seen people wish for more “genuine” “real” interaction on the internet and not just the “happy life” that people show. 

I am genuine in everything that I say.  I am this.  I am not putting forward a face and a life that is not truly and legitimately ME.  I feel peace and joy MOST of the time.  Ask my kids Love Makes everything that is heavy, light.or my husband … they would tell you that what I write and what I portray is accurate.  Just this morning I was so happy about the sun shining and I was expressing my joy and my 8 year old looked at me, smiled, and said, “you’re weird.”

Lol … I cannot help it!!  The love for life spills out of me and it just attaches to every aspect of this amazing existence and I have to express it and to share it.

I am not ALWAYS joyful … I have moments that I doubt and that are negative and moments when I’m frustrated.  But they are not the normal.  They are not the place I like to dwell.  So when those come I am conscious enough to see that they’re there, to acknowledge the moment, and then shift my focus to what I do love and what fills me with peace.

I was not always this way.  I think for most of my adult life, I wasn’t super aware of my thoughts, I didn’t pay attention to where they were, I didn’t focus on consciously choosing the atmosphere of my mind … I just lived.  I didn’t even realize I COULD choose to change my perspective.  I lived and I had LOTS of negativity and pessimism and I figured that was just life.  It was a crap shoot.  Sometimes life would give me garbage and I’d be stuck walking through it.  al-inspiring-quote-on-peace

And then I made a shift.  I sought for a better way.  I desired a change that would bring more true happiness, joy, and peace.  And I learned and found understanding.  And you know what?  It HAS brought happiness, joy, and peace; the kind that is so filling and enlivening it spills out and it influences everything around me.

I didn’t even realize, before, that I was not really living.

I didn’t know. I didn’t see.  I didn’t even understand there could be a better more joyful way!998ebb7c0027ef262e3958e7c066e63e

There IS a better more joyful existence!

There really really is, and it’s so beautifully designed that you can CHOOSE what your atmosphere, your thoughts, and your joy is.  And you can stop comparing your life to anyone else’s and in that comes freedom and peace.  And you can follow that invitation within you that is a magnet guiding you to the peace that exists.  It is there, it is real, it is overwhelmingly beautiful, and it is freely available to every single person.

Your life is YOUR LIFE!!  You get to decide what is beautiful and worthy of your time and thought.  And in deciding that, you choose where you live.

Do you want to live in peace and harmony?  5b548cd7c3948696bcaa40d709f8fed1

Or do you choose misery, fear, frustration, and all of the things that are not lovely?

It really is truly up to you.  And I know there are circumstances and people with unique experiences that aren’t able to see outside of what they know.  I understand that there are things that need healing and redeeming.  I don’t have all the answers … I have found what works for ME.  Each person will have to follow their inner peace to healing.  It will likely look different than mine, and anyone else’s, and it will be unique to you.

Follow your heart, the place within you that is peace giving and life sustaining … that universal God given energy that flows in and around and through all things.   THAT is what you connect to, to receive the healing.

It is freely available to all who accept its invitation.

It WILL heal you as you give it “time” to flow through you.  Your focus on it, and the peace and love and lightmonday-quotes-15-inspiring-peace-quotes-4 and joy it engenders is the way.  Allow it to flow.  Give it space within you through accepting its invitation to focus on it.

Speak peace.  Spread love. Feel joy and the healing will take place and your life will have new purpose and take on a beautiful quality of existence that you didn’t even know was available.

It’s SO available and it’s SO beautiful and the world is just a miraculous place of peace and love when you see it in that way.

Open your eyes to the peace that exists and it will flow through you and change your world.

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