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Thirty One. Miracles.

What is a miracle?  (I’m cracking open the dictionary again!! Well, clicking the web address anyway)

Miracle: an unusual or wonderful event that is believed to be caused by the power of God : a very amazing or unusual event, thing, or achievement : an extraordinary event manifesting divine intervention in human affairs

believe-in-miracles-life-quotes-sayings-picturesPlainly put … a miracle is a divine manifestation. (What is a manifestation? a sign that shows something clearly)

So a miracle is seeing and acknowledging God’s hand (the divine, heaven, the universe, your “guardian angels”, etc. … there are many names for this “hand”) in an event, an experience, or our lives.  Or even MORE simply put …

Miracle = God’s presence made known

It requires FAITH and BELIEF that God/the divine/universal energy exists and that it CAN and WILL “perform” miracles.  That God can and WILL make Himself known to you in whatever way speaks to YOU.  Without that belief in it, it will not be seen … even if it does exist if you don’t believe in it, it means nothing if you see it.  It’s just another thing that happens.  It’s just a “lucky” coincidence.

So you must have faith FIRST, and THEN you see the miraculous.  You have to BELIEVE that it’s possible.  You must believe that God exists, that God desires you to know Him, and that He WILL make Himself known to you in the way that YOU need for YOUR life for THIS moment.765826

It’s about the moment you’re in, and that you WILL see God there, because God is in ALL things, in ALL moments, in ALL experiences if you have eyes to see it.  Your belief in God’s Omniscience (ALL knowingness), Omnipotence (ALL powerfulness), and Omnipresence (present in ALL places at ALL times) manifests the miraculous, in that when you believe that God is in and around and through ALL things, and that God knows all things, and that God is able to DO all things … ANYTHING is possible and EVERYTHING is God.

12794490_10208729793904893_103329983978085934_nThe flower that I saw on my walk yesterday hours after I wrote yesterday’s blog post … that perfectly exemplified what I wrote … THAT is a miracle.

The birds that kept swooping and singing to me yesterday, that lightened my mood, that allowed me to understand joy in being … THAT is a miracle.

The heart rock that was in the middle of my pathway … perfectly shaped … perfectly sitting there so I would see it … THAT is a miracle.

It’s not always going to be making water into wine or being instantly healed or moving a mountain … I firmly believe those are possible and that they DO happen.  Miracles are ABUNDANT though!  And on any given day, those things aren’t what I need in my life.  So to think that a miracle is a thing that is saved for only special circumstances is a very limited perspective on a limitless God that desires for us to know Him in ALL things, at 111188e06ce0046aa0bfdc62aeb8551dALL times and in ALL ways.

My belief in it opens the door to receiving.  How I limit it, through my perception then sets limits to what I’m able to see and to receive.  If I believe that miracles only exist in the past, then I won’t see them.  If I believe that the miraculous is a “magical” thing that must look a certain way, then I won’t see the miraculous very often.  If I believe that God is in all things and desires for me to see that He is here at all times and that He will make himself known even to me on my walk in the afternoon?  Then my belief and expectation to see His hand in my life will be met with miraculous divine manifestation.  I believe that it is there and because my belief is firm, I see.

It’s that phrase “those with eyes to see and ears to hear” … I see the miraculous in a tiny flower, in a little rock in the park, in a bird singing in a tree, in sitting on my messy family room floor and acknowledging that God is there too … God is EVERYWHERE and I see.  And seeing I hear.  And hearing I know, and it is beautiful and life is FULL of miracles and my eyes continue to see God’s hand in and around and through all things until there is nothing for me toCoincidence-is-Gods-Way-of-Remaining-Anonymous do but KNOW with a surety that God’s energy is all in all.  Without question.
THAT is a miracle.  That belief, that change in perception from a lack and an unknowing to an abundantly manifested knowing … THAT is the miracle of miracles.  And when you believe in THAT way?  It’s not possible to be kept from within that sphere of miracles and miracles are everywhere.  Always.  Every moment is a divine manifestation because God is in all things, around all things, and makes up all things, all in all.

Your belief in it is necessary to see.  And you get to choose how you limit the miraculous manifestation by your belief.  If you believe in a limit to the miraculous and in most things just being “lucky” then you limit what you’re able to receive.  And you don’t see God’s hand in all things, and you don’t experience the expansion of peace and love and JOY in the ways that are available and everywhere.

When you don’t see miracles, it’s because of your limited perception.  Because they are everywhere.  And so YOU are the one separating yourself from them, not God.  God gives liberally to ALL who believe.  Without question.  Without condition.  Your lack aeef39a803e93dc53a8c955f1cace6d3of the divine in your life is all you.

So choose to believe.  Experiment upon a higher perspective and just SEE what manifests in your life.

You will begin to understand what Omnipotence, Omniscience, and Omnipresence means, and your heart and joy and love and understanding will expand and the limits will be thrown off and you will see the divine manifested in ALL things ALL of the time.

And the peace that God gives will abound.

YOUR belief opens the door.

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