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Twenty Nine. Expand.

B7zs0z2CYAIkhQiDo you know what I LOVE about life?  I love that there are an abundant and limitless amount of ways to feel joy and to spread love.  The only limit is my ability to think and imagine new and greater ways.

Isn’t it cool that we can continually expand our understand of what joy is?

Isn’t it amazing that we can continually expand our expressions of love?

What in life is better than feeling love, spreading love, sharing love, and loving life?! There is nothing greater than this.

Every moment of every day is an opportunity to expand and to think of more beautiful ways to experience love in our lives.  Every single moment.

Do not waste a moment on things that don’t profit your expansion … GROW!  Lbryant-mcgill-potential-richness-expands-love-2s9jove with ALL that you are and continue to focus on that part of you.

Connecting to this piece of life is how we progress and grow … progression and growth IS expansion in love.

Today I love this truth.  This moment I love that life is beautiful and I am aware of the beauty that surrounds me.  Right now my joy is full in the loving energy that is in and around and through all things.

I love life.

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