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Seventy Six. The Game of Hot and Cold.

Which wayHave you ever played that “hot and cold” game? You know the one where someone’s eyes are blindfolded and their goal is to find an object in a room. Their only source of guidance is someone else’s words of “hot” “warm” or “cold” … the terms are used to gauge whether they’re close to finding the object – “HOT!” – or whether they’re getting further away – “COLD.” So as they move about the room, whoever is helping them find the object is saying “you’re getting warmer, warmer, you’re hot now, HOT!” or “cold, cold, getting colder, freezing dude.” Each direction … each term (hot or cold) is used as a gauge.

To make it even more challenging, sometimes the larger group in the room can shout out opposing directions, and the person who is blindfolded must REALLY listen to hear the one person whose directions they know will be truth. In order for the game to be completed, the object must be found, so the blindfolded subject pays close attention to the one who they know will guide them rightly and they listen to the guidance, that gauge of “hot” or “cold.”

In the blog post (#75) previous to this one I talked about playing Marco Polo when I was a kid. It is a similar game … “listening” to guidance that you CAN’T see.which-ay-to-go

Apply these games to life. Picture your life as a “game” of sorts … of course I realize it’s not a game, and it is very real, but just for the sake of the example, picture your life as a game. Now picture yourself as the blindfolded one and your higher self, God, the Universe, your guardian angels, the holy spirit, your intuition, etc. … that higher guidance you listen to … that energy is the “person” who is saying to you “hot” or “cold.”

If you can’t see that higher guiding energy, you’re blindfolded after all, how can you know what it “sounds” like?Buddha-quotes-Know-well-what-leads-you-forward-and-what-holds-you-back-and-choose-the-path-that-leads-to-wisdom

Well, for starters, energy is a vibration. Energy has a frequency.

Everything is energy so everything has a frequency. (all matter, all people, but also all “spiritual” things too. Principles, truths, divine potential.) There is an alignment that takes place with any given frequency and as you align to that frequency it feels like RESONANCE. f3bd4205eddf9c851c58a1af56476de6

Resonant: continuing to sound :  echoing : capable of inducing resonance

Synonyms of Resonant: golden, resounding, reverberant, reverberating, ringing, rotund, round, sonorous, vibrant

Antonyms of Resonant: cavernous, hollow; faint, low, murmurous, muted, smothered, soft, weak; thin, tinny

Resonance: a long loud, clear, and deep quality of sound : a quality that makes something personally meaningful or important to someone

Resound: echo, reverberate : to become filled with sound : to produce sonorous or echoing sound

When something “resonates” with you, it feels right, it feels like truth. It is a FEELING within you. It is YOUR energy aligning to that particular thing. The 2 vibrations (your vibration and the vibration of the thing that resonates with you) become ONE vibration. The resonance is your soul FEELING – connecting to – that alignment.

So in the game where you’re blindfolded and God is guiding you, when you resonate with something, when it sparks that harmony within you, it is like the Universe is saying “You’re getting warmer, warmer, hot now, YES! Go this way, hotter!”

The resonance is the gauge to help you know which way to go.bc74c3c6acbd2f2f228f24de1f6a3988

What is the ABSENCE of that resonance? The “COLD” gauge?

It is resistance.

Resistance: opposition : an opposing or slowing force

Resistance is that spot that just doesn’t feel quite right, it is dissonant. (not in agreement with something : not in harmony) It is the absence of peace, ease, and flow. It is the Universe telling you “Cold, this is not the way, you should turn around and go a different way, colder still!”

The resistance, the dissonance is the gauge to help you know which way NOT to go.

Interesting info about the word “dissonant” : The root of “dissonant” is the Latin verb sonare. Can you guess what “sonare” means? Here’s a hint: some related derivatives are “sonata,” “supersonic,” and “resonance.” Does it sound to you as if “sonare” has something to do with sound? If so, you’re right. In fact, sonare means “to sound, is related to the Latin noun sonus (meaning “sound”), and is an ancestor of the English word sound. “Dissonant” includes the negative prefix dis-. What is “dissonant,” therefore, sounds inharmonic, conflicting, or clashing.

quote-every-time-you-don-t-follow-your-inner-guidance-you-feel-a-loss-of-energy-loss-of-power-a-sense-shakti-gawain-69300Just like in the game of “Hot and Cold,” there are often opposing voices yelling wrong directions at you (or maybe they’re just distracting you from listening to the one voice that will guide you without fail). Your job then, is to make sure you’re listening, with full attention and focus, to the RIGHT voice that is giving you the directions for YOUR pathway to that divine potential that is for you.

When you acknowledge and recognize that the “voice” – that guidance – is WITHIN you, it makes it easier to follow. You must learn to let go of everything on the outside and focus solely and wholly on the within. The resonance or resistance are your helpers … your direction givers. Everything else, people around you, voices in the world, etc. are not your guides. Yes, many of the things will be for you, to help you, to guide you, but you must ALWAYS take anything and anyone and any truth and pass it through your internal guidance system … that gauge of “hot” or “cold.”

Does it resonate with you? HOT! FOR you! Does it cause resistance within you? Is there dissonance? COLD! Not for you.

It’s actually really easy once you really tune into that voice within. tumblr_nn2y7bptFe1sofkn4o1_500

It takes some practice. It takes letting go of comparing your guidance to others. It takes strength to hold to what you know resonates within you regardless of what people around you are doing or saying. And you must be brave and bold and certain of that gauge.

If it sparks your soul, if it feels like truth, if the resonance is strong and pure and clear, if it brings the peace that the resonance does, if it enlivens your mind and joy abounds, then do it. Follow that pathway. Go that way and see it as God’s way of telling you you’re going the way of your most direct path to your divine potential.

If it stunts growth, if it feels yucky and wrong, if it is hard and your soul is resisting, if it does NOT bring peace, if it causes stress and worry and fear, if it feels like you’re hitting roadblocks every turn you take, if it feels like there is no flow and no inspiration, then use those as a gauge … look at those witnesses and see that they’re telling you to turn around. Go the other way.quote-Joseph-Smith-Jr.-the-best-way-to-obtain-truth-and-218625

If God guides you to what is right and inspires you to your divine potential, then you have to see that the opposite will also be true. God will help you see what not to do, which way to not go, what is NOT for you, what will not be a direct pathway to your divine potential.

The resonance or resistance are God’s way, the Universe’s way, your internal guidance system to help you align to your true potential.

Resonance = alignment

Resistance = absence of alignment

It’s that simple. See it this way and your world will change because you will begin to be able to choose more consciously, the path you take. You will see that the guidance has been there the whole time and you just weren’t listening to and focusing on the “right” voice before.

Being aware and paying attention is helpful. There is peace in knowing how to walk this “game” of life. There is joy in being able to make choices that will be the most direct pathway to divine potential. There is lightness in following the “gauge” within and knowing that that guidance is ALWAYS available and is wholly attuned to MY journey.

I don’t have to compare what I’m doing to anyone else, I don’t have to try to rely on another human to tell me what to do, I have a divine guidance system with a perfectly seeing guide and it is for ME. poster-louise-hay-2

Today I write this blog, I am in the flow, and the resonance within me is saying “HOT! You’re on the right path. Stay here, do this, YES! You’re getting hotter!” And I know that no matter what happens I can and will follow that resonance and it will lead me to joy, to expansion and to peace. I am grateful for the peace.

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