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Thirty Four. Healing.

Martin-Luther-King-Jr-Famous-QuotesHow do you battle injustice?  How do you fight for rightness, kindness, love and unity?  How do you heal the world?

Fighting, in anger of injustice, doesn’t heal the world.

Battling hate with hate, separation with separation, prejudice with prejudice, fear with fear, meanness with more meanness … these things have proven to NOT do anything but breed more of what you don’t want.kindness_quote

What if we all just loved each other?

What if we were kind just because that is what we desire to see more of in the world, and so we decided to put more of what is GOOD into the world, INSTEAD of continuing the cycle of fighting war with war.

What if each one of us chose to love ALL people regardless of how we think they look or whether we think they’re worthy and we all just loved because love is healing and THAT is how we’ll heal the world.

0de38e5944168577c2186ee06bed5fa0What if every harsh word we heard we decided to answer with a kind one to balance out the negativity.  Instead of “getting back at” or “getting even” we chose to see harshness as a call for love and gave MORE love, not less.

What if we each took personal responsibility for our words and actions and posts on Facebook and we thought about what we posted and how it might impact another person … like the person we’re talking about, or the group we’re generalizing, and we actually put a human face to the words we typed and put ourselves in other’s shoes?

What if we recognized that ALL people are HUMAN and as part of the one human family our only goal should be uniting in love, every member of that one family.  Country means nothing.  Race means nothing.  Clothing means nothing.  Language means nothing.  Political party means nothing.  Religion means nothing.  ALL people are ONE family, one that is in desperate need of some love and some kindness.

What if we each TRIED to just love more, through our words, our actions AND in thinking famous-love-quotes_750-2about ways to lift others up instead of tearing down and separating further and continuing the judgment and littleness that is so rampant in the world.

Let’s think BIGGER!  Let’s HEAL the world with love instead of tearing down the world with hate.  Each person is responsible for a piece of the energy that exists and if you are perpetuating the anger and hate and meanness and littleness YOU MUST CHANGE!

The only way to heal the world is for each person to rise up and decide to change their own thoughts and look through a different perspective and think of others and LOOK for ways to love and to heal.

It’s possible.  I know that it is.  I await that day.

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