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Thirty Three. Sick Day.

icandohardthingsbwThere’s nothing like getting a terrible case of food poisoning to make you feel VERY grateful for your usually healthy body.

Isn’t it amazing that I can be well one moment, and then BAM I’m so sick that I can barely lift my body off of the bed?  Isn’t it also amazing that 24 hours later I still feel less than stellar, but I’m alive!  And I’m eating food and keeping it down!  And I can walk and move my arms and not just lie there and feel awful.

Seriously, our bodies are amazing.

There’s something helpful about recognizing the miraculous nature of human life …

I had seven babies … I felt them move within my own body and then bore them into the

30 weeks 3

Summer 2013

world and now see them become their own unique and amazing people.  It’s SO awesome that life exists!  It’s so amazing that I can grow a human inside of me!  It’s so miraculous that we each walk around everyday and usually take for granted that we’re MOVING and breathing and hearts are beating and there are many many other functions our bodies just DO and we don’t even think about them.

I was ILL yesterday … like down for the count, ill.  It was not good.  And today I’m better!  Today I can move around again without pain.  Today I’m able to eat and drink and sit up and be a person again!  My body healed whatever caused the illness! I’m not fully recovered, but less than 24 hours later I feel like a NEW person, compared to yesterday’s person.3c4bcdf1bb731523cfd1ff8b5b55c9a9

What a gift!  Healing is beautiful.  We don’t even realize all of the things our bodies do for us because they’re happening on the inside.  But they’re there, and without all of that we wouldn’t be walking, talking, and living these lives.

I am just grateful today.  For healing.  For my body’s ability to work properly.  For my perspective and the fact that I CAN do hard things and it WASN’T the end of the world … even though it sort of felt like it at the time.

Focusing on what we DO have, in the face of the hard life challenges that always come, is THE way to get through them.  Because I can tell you, focusing on the challenge?  It’s not super helpful.  It just makes it worse, it makes it feel like forever, it puts you in a “feeling sorry for yourself” spot … none of these are helpful for healing, learning, or growth.  1654097_279604732194698_1176767544_n

But when you focus on the things that ARE good, the things that ARE right, the things you DO love?  THAT makes the challenge more bearable.  Even if the only thing you can see is that you’re still alive … life is a gift and that is something!

Today I choose to focus on the breath in my lungs, the beating of my heart, the food in my stomach that is STAYING there and nourishing my body, the pillows, mattress and family that supported me yesterday, the strength I have today to walk, move, and take care of my cute kids, and the NEW day that is today.

This day I see so much that is good.  This day I choose to focus on the good and know that in doing so, I am free.  Free to be present in my life and see the beauty that exists.

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