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Dig-Delve-imageOne two, buckle my shoe.  Three four knock on the door.  Five six pick up sticks.  Seven eight lay them straight.  Nine ten a big fat hen.  Eleven twelve dig and delve …

Delve.   Rhymes with twelve, which is probably why I think of this nursery rhyme every time I ponder on the number 12.  (which is hardly ever, but today! 🙂 )

What does delve mean? 

  1. to dig or labor with or as if with a spade

  2. 2a :  to make a careful or detailed search for information <delved into the past>b :  to examine a subject in detail

I think, over the past 7 or 8 years I have gotten very good at delving.  I love digging into new things, learning and receiving enlightening “aha” moments!  I appreciate the opportunity to learn what I desire to learn.  Whether it’s playing the piano, or guitar, or sewing, orBe-Yourself-Quotes-Tumblr-1 baking, or different religions or personal development books, or scriptures, or any other limitless amount of things there are to learn … it’s always joyful following what fills me with wonder and awe and excitement and light.

Each of us has a guiding light within.  Delve into that space and follow where it leads!  There are mysteries to be brought to light within you that exist and are there to find.  As you follow the “bread crumbs” within, those things that spark something in you, you begin to unfold the beauty of YOUR divine nature.

I picture a person.  One body.  This person is perfectly whole and complete.  A head, arms, fingers, toes, a nose, hair, a spleen, etc.  All of the parts and pieces that make up the wholeness of this one body.

Each piece, within the body is its own thing.  The spleen does spleeny things.  The hair is hairy.  The fingernail has its own function.  As does the nose, the brain, the heart, the left foot, and the freckle on the knee.  Each thing is separate from any other thing, but it’s all still part of the one body. girl anatomy body parts labeled

In order for the body to be whole and complete and perfectly functioning, ALL parts, pieces, and spots within it must exist, must operate within its separate sphere, but also must perfectly compliment all the other parts.  Without any one piece the body isn’t whole.  Without any one piece functioning properly, the body isn’t well.

All pieces are needed.  All pieces are required.  All pieces are loved and desired and make up the wholeness that is the body.  Not one hair on the head is unnecessary.

And so, each of us is like a piece or part of the whole.  One whole.  One larger governing function, but still each within its sphere … separate and fully functioning as itself … but needed, necessary, and wholly desired for the wholeness to be complete.

You couldn’t say to the finger, “be like the hair.  You don’t look right.  You’re not flowing in the right way.  You’re functioning improperly because you MUST be like the hair.”

NO!  You understand there are different functions for each spot.  The hair is the hair.  The finger’s function be-youis wholly and completely different than the hair. No less or greater than the hair, but different.  To learn to be the finger you need different lessons and different things to teach you to be a fully functioning finger than you do to be a fully functioning hair.

We are each like this.  We each have a role, or a guiding system or function within us that is unique to us!  I am this.  I can only be this, and as I connect and delve into what makes me me, I become a functioning member of the whole, able to allow the greater governing principle (God, the universe, etc) to work through and flow through me; in whatever way is needed for my “spot”.

Each of us is unique and special and necessary and MUST connect to our unique divine role.  The ONLY way to do that is to go within and follow your spark, your bread crumbs, the light that you feel is guiding you.

So OWN your role.  Find what fills you with joy, what sparks interest in you, what you feel guides you and be and do THAT.  And then allow others to find their s9a1bcc73c247335e2e416554e41435dfpark too.  Do not judge another for their role looking different than yours … it will!  That is to be expected within one body.  There are many different functions, roles and spots.

We are ALL needed.  We are ALL required.  We are ALL loved and necessary.

Believe that.  KNOW that.  And then go and change the world through connecting to the flow of the greater guidance within.

Be true to who you feel you are and give that to the world. You are necessary and wholly needed in the world!  Let it flow and see the peace that comes through that connection!

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