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Forty Two. Hee Hee.

IMG_20160314_082152I have this little easel with changeable quote cards sitting on my desk by my computer.  Today it is reminding me that enjoying life is important.  There’s something magical about laughter … it eases tense situations, it lightens the atmosphere, and it just seems to be healing.

I have found, especially having a large family, that laughter is “connecting” as well.  When kids are angry or frustrated, if laughter is introduced into the moment, the angry frustration is eased.  It is almost like, in finding something to laugh about, the tension is erased and it’s easier to remember that any little thing that seems so huge is just a little thing, it’s not the end of the world, and life goes on.  Smiling and laughing “heals” the moment and connects those in that moment to a beautiful life energy that is so desperately needed.

There are moments from my childhood, moments of pure human conne5d345ea2bc281805c2972c2d436df188ction that I remember … and they are moments where we were having fun and laughing.  And I can still remember the feeling, the lightness, the connecting to other people, the ease of it.  It’s amazing that 30 years later I remember those experiences so well.  I think laughing and the energy that that brings, connects us.

Isn’t a smile and a happy light energy about a person magnetic?  It draws you in and opens a door to a space that it doesn’t matter if that person looks different than you, or even if you don’t know them … that beautiful joy is a unifier.A-wonderful-thing-about

I remember being newly married and very upset about something, I can’t remember what, but my husband would try to get me to smile or laugh. (this happened many times)  And I was always so mad at him for doing it because I wanted to live in the misery … but every time … EVERY time the moment my mouth turned up in that smile, the mood was lightened.  Almost as if the smile, or his ability to bring it out of me, took away whatever I felt so upset about and made it seem less important than I was making it.

A smile and a good laugh is TRULY healing.

I dare you to walk around smiling and not feel better about life … (ha … that was something we would have Medicine-quotes-Laughter-is-the-best-medicinesaid as kids) 🙂 And doesn’t it just induce you to smile when someone else is?  It’s impossible to see a genuine smile, or hear a genuine hearty laugh and NOT feel uplifted.

I think we all take life very seriously.  And there ARE serious things in life that must be addressed.  But easing that seriousness everyday is important, in my opinion, to make us remember that we’re here to have joy!  We’re here to love life.  If we spend all of our experience of life taking it so seriously that we don’t embrace and expand joy and love … we are TOTALLY missing the point.

Men are that they might have joy!  I heard this frequently growing up and I believe it.  I don’t think we are here to feel depressed, angry, frustrated, and tired.  I think we’re here to love and be loved and to joy in the beauty of a sunrise, or a smile, or a flower or the ability to laugh when things are hard.  These are the lovely parts of life we should be embracing and expanding … not the ugly things that cause us to fear and dread and feel angry.

So I intend to embrace the joy that each day brings.  And I intend to remin9ab66c908889a3ad735e7e1542868ff1d my children and those around me that life is beautiful and there is MUCH to love!  And I intend to laugh everyday and feel the ease in the seriousness of life that that brings.  I intend to embrace the adage “laughter is the best medicine” and to really truly believe that.  It IS healing.  It IS uplifting to just have fun and love life and enjoy BEING.

I believe that’s why we’re here … to expand THAT ^^ energy.  And so I am going to keep looking at it, talking about it, and embracing it to bring more of it forward into the world.

Imagine what kind of world we’d live in if we all focused on joy.

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