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Sixty Four. Do You.

_Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony._I fully believe the truth “actions speak louder than words.” I have seen people live by that truth and I have seen people NOT live by that truth.

Here’s the thing about living what you speak … you live with integrity when you do and you live in peace.

Integrity : the quality of being honest and fair : the state of being complete or whole

Without integrity, without doing what you SAY you’re going to do, without living by the words you believe … you are a just living a witness of the OPPOSITE of what you believe.

You tell the world who you are, through what you DO, not through what you say.

Why is this?

Your actions, your being, are ENERGY. Literally … we are all energy. Science shows us that everything is energy … it is truth, and so as you live, so are you. It doesn’t matter WHAT you say … what you DO is what determines your vibration. I could say “I live in Spain, I speak Spanish” all the day long, but that won’t make me Spanish. It won’t change what I am or where I live or what language I DO speak. (For the record, I don’t live in Spain and I know very little of the Spanish language)

Similarly, I could say “I really hate fruit. It’s disgusting and gross and too sweet. I can’t stand it. It drips all over … ew! And you have to STEAL it from TREES!?” If I proclaim that loudly to the world as my truth, and then secretly in my closet every night I’m gorging myself on berries and cherries and peaches … obviously the lie that I’m speaking doesn’t negate the fact that I am actually a fruit lover. My eating of the fruit is what sets my vibration, energy wise, DESPITE what I say about fruit to the world. (for the record, I could TOTALLY see that happening … hording fruit isn’t out of the realm of possibility for me! I love it! SO so much. Mmmm.)

Every little thing we DO determines “where” we live, energy wise. To live with integrity and honesty means to do what we say we’re going to do. To do what we say we believe. To live as we believe we SHOULD live!

It undermines your character to do anything less than be authentically YOU. Not only that, but it puts you out of harmony with your being. When you say one thing and do another, you are at odds with yourself. When you believe one thing and don’t live by that belief in your daily life, you are telling the universe that you don’t actually believe that.

If you preach the golden rule – “do unto others as you would have them do to you” – and then go around in your life offending people with rude remarks, cutting people off on the freeway, rolling your eyes when people do things you think are dumb, or anything that you would not like done to you … you are NOT living with integrity. You are out of HARMONY with your being.

When you are aware enough in your life to see how your actions affect the world around you, not only YOUR world, but other people as well, you will see that the ONLY thing to do is to be authentic, to be who YOU are, to live YOUR truth no matter what and to actually DO what you say you’re going to do and BE who you believe you should be.

The DOING is the witness that you BELIEVE. If you hold a belief as truth LIVE it! Act as if it’s truth and DO what is says to DO! Conduct your life with INTEGRITY and you will be in harmony with your soul.

I love that quote ^^ at the top … “Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony.” Isn’t that right? Isn’t life full of love and joy when you are YOU?! When you are living your truth. When you are DOING what you believe is right for you?!

That is the essence of our existence … to be TRUE to who we are. What your soul is calling you to do, to be, to live? Do that. Be that. Live that and you WILL find harmony and peace.

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