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Sixty Five. Looking at Love.

we don't see things as they are

Isn’t it interesting how different we all are?

I could go to an event and afterward talk to 10 different people and they would each have their own perspective, different than any other, of what happened at that event. Even within a group of people who “see” the same way – believe the same things – there are completely different perspectives at work.

I think, all the time, how even within my own family of 9 people there are such differences of experience. I have 7 kids, but they all don’t have the same experience within our family or in life. The oldest has her own perspective that is based upon her thoughts. The middles and the youngest all have their own thoughts about life, their own perspectives, their own way of seeing that is unique to them individually.

We each have a personality and that determines how we see the world.life_quotes_7

If one is a generally happy optimistic person, one sees the world in that way. Things appear to be FOR that individual. The happy person sees life as a gift and a joy and looks for the things in life that witness to her of that truth.

The truth is you see what you look for. And as such, when you’re looking for sunshine and joy, you inevitably find it.

Look at the pessimistic individual … this is the person who EXPECTS bad things to happen, who has a general level of FEAR about life and is just being “real” in thinking that the world has only that to offer. The person seeing the world from this perspective is looking for the witnesses to strengthen that perspective. That means he’s LOOKING for the stuff in life that aligns with the pessimism and negative viewpoint!

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Can you see the sunshine if you’re looking down at the ground with single minded focus? Can you experience the beauty when you’re expecting to only see garbage? If you focus on garbage you WILL see garbage! What you focus on, what you look for is what you will see.

The optimist and the pessimist AREN’T different and don’t live in different worlds … they just have different ways of seeing.

One chooses to focus on the negative garbage junk and see only that … because there IS garbage and if you focus on it, it will look big and mountainous and seem to be everywhere. The other chooses to look PAST the garbage and into the sun, believing that the sun is brighter and more lovely than the garbage.

What is the point of focusing on the garbage? Do you get anything out of doing that? It’s there, you can’t change that it is … and if you CAN change it you would … so the stuff that’s garbage and unchangeable … why focus on it?

Why would you CHOOSE to see fear instead of hope?

Why would you CHOOSE to focus on the negativity instead of what you love?

What do you get from seeing with your eyes downcast and your thoughts on the muck?!

Wouldn’t it be a little relieving to look up and see the hope and the love and the light?

Wouldn’t it be expanding to your soul to start to focus on the things in life that are joyful and to see with those eyes?

Wouldn’t it be life changing to step out of living in fear and into faith that the universe and God are FOR you and are working all things for your benefit?257bf8ae96d91f8d162d76b96e1afc01

Miracles happen when you choose to see differently. Because you can’t be FORCED to see one way or another … it’s all your own choice. You are responsible for your thoughts. And because your thoughts shape your perception and your perception shapes how you see the world … YOU are responsible for your world.

If you want to focus on the garbage at your feet, you can. It’s up to you. You are the one who gets to decide what kind of world you live in. Because the optimist and pessimist? Same world. The only difference is how each perceives the environment around them. Nothing actually changes but the way you choose to see.

What if there is “terrible” happening in your life? How do you see that with anything other than negativity?

Well, what is terrible?

We have a perception of terrible things, bad things, unpleasant things … and yes there are those, but how do you have faith and hope AND see the terrible? In faith and hope isn’t there just experience? If God and the Universe are FOR you what is there but what you need to help you see more clearly? smallest_change_in_perspective_quote

You will have to answer these questions for yourself. For me, I can’t align with God, the Universe, Love, Hope, and Faith AND dwell in fear and negativity. The two ways of seeing don’t go together. There’s the one way or the other way. No in between, no crossing over, no some of one and some of the other … There are just the two ways and I am either seeing within one or seeing within the other.

If I am looking at life in fear, in dread, expecting the negativity, looking at the garbage and dwelling on that, I am seeing OUTSIDE of love and faith. There is no other possibility. Because in love and faith ALL things are possible. All things are working FOR me. All things are to benefit my soul. ALL experience is what I need to see more clearly. And I focus on what I LOVE … that brings a brilliance to the world that makes it impossible to fear and allows miracles to be seen.B1Jm8F0CAAA4CcK

The thing that is so amazing in all of it is that you get to choose for you. And because you can only choose for you, you get to let go of, if you choose, the judgment of others and allow them to be what they choose to be and just dwell in Love and Light. As you dwell in love, focusing on what you love, what fills you with love, and how to expand love all around you, your sight will broaden and you will have clarity that you didn’t have before and you will step out of fearful living in to faithful living. When you fully decide to focus on just one way of seeing, things align in a beautiful way and you begin to realize and KNOW that “YES! the universe is FOR me!!”

In this spot it’s hard not to see the sun. It’s bright and warm and lovely. Brilliant! It is worth dwelling on and the choice to continue in THAT is an easy one. It’s relieving. It’s HOME.

I know there are circumstances that feel beyond your control. I know there IS hard stuff we’re all going through. I know that depression and other things are REAL. And I know that I don’t know all things, that I don’t see all perspectives, and that what I see doesn’t solve everything for every circumstance and every person.

But here is what I DO know … you are not alone. And even if you were alone in a room by yourself day in and day out … you’re not alone even then. There is guidance available to you for your unique situation. The key is choosing to acknowledge that and connect to it. What you need to help lift you out of the fear and into the light is unique to YOU. So only YOU can receive that inspiration. But you have to choose it. You have to see that it’s possible to receive inspiration. You have to seek it and then you have to believe it when it comes to you. d61b2beb4fd2f5fb188d8a05061d0fe4

In CHOOSING to believe that there is a way to come into a higher lighter more CLEAR way of living, you are opening a door to inspiration that will guide you there. It will be unique to you. It will help you if you allow it. It will take TIME and EFFORT to progress and grow … but the moment you choose to believe, the door opens and everything at that point that comes into your life you will realize will be FOR you, for your ultimate progression and good. Even if it doesn’t look “good,” it will teach you what you need to know to expand your understanding. And so the only thing for you to do is to see EVERY experience as an opportunity to grow and look for the “guru” … look for the learning … look for the light in every situation.

If you cannot see the light today, if you cannot find the joy … just try for even a moment to believe it’s there … even if you can’t see it, HOPE for it. The hoping will shift your energy ever so slightly to that seeing that brings goodness, light, joy, relief, and expansion. Your CHOOSING to hope and believe and see opens up EVERY possibility. And in that choosing you DO receive what you need – what you desire – for your ULTIMATE growth potential.

The road to get where you want to be might not and probably WON’T look like you think it will … but it WILL get you there and it WILL lead to joy. Believe that, hope for that, and look for the joy in each moment.

The joy is there, it just takes eyes to see it.

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